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    Va Check instead of Retirement Pay

    Officially retired as of November 27th. I noticed on ebenefits, it's still showing Pending Decision Approval, along with an estimated completion date of 9/10/2018-11/13/2018. Think this is a bit weird but then again it's the VA. I went ahead and uploaded my DD-214 and filled out forms to...
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    Va Check instead of Retirement Pay

    Perfect! I'll make sure to upload it asap when I receive it. Thank you!
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    Va Check instead of Retirement Pay

    Hello. I will be officially medically retired on November 28th and wanted to know what I need to do to ensure I'll receive my VA pension instead of my retirement paycheck. I was never told what I needed to do when out-processing. Do I need to contact the VA and DFAS? Please let me know if you...
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    General Timeline Question

    I requested my retirement date to be pushed back to 27 November 2018. Did you ask your PEBLO when you found out your results at all?
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    Yeah I filled out info for my PEBLO, asking for dependent info but that's it. Just started out-processing and need to get with TMO to ship my stuff tomorrow.
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    June/July/Aug VA Reconsideration

    Only took mine 2.5 weeks to complete mine but because I went through SAFPC at first, it had to be sent back to them which slowed down the process for me. Less than 2 months turnaround from start to finish.
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    Received my orders today after a long battle dealing with my local MPF. Received 27 November as my retirement date. Final out will be 7 September.
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    Concern on whether I will receive medical retirement

    I would use this website as a guideline to your disabilities. Depending on your outcome, you can always appeal and request some of your disabilities be added to your DoD side. Not sure if they'll grant that or not but worth a shot. Which in turn would add to your percentage and hopefully get...
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    I would recommend to look at this website and it will help better understand what the VA will look at.
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    No. I need my commanders signature for the extension because I'm no longer in the MEB process and can't be placed on a med extension anymore.
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    Not yet but because I had to get an AF1411 signed by my commander to extend my ETS date from October 12th to November 28th. It's been a headache but after it's done, I should get my orders the same day or the following day.
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    Meb question.

    I believe you're overthinking this process. If that's truly your case and it's well documented in your medical records, your MEB will not be denied.
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    click on vMPF on the portal, then click on out-processing and it will show on the next page if you have a checklist or not.
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    One time VA reconsideration request

    Nothing yet. My PEBLO was out today but I noticed my checklist was uploaded on the vMPF.
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    VA Reconsideration?

    My attorney made sure I had enough documentation to guarantee a rating increase before sending my package up for the VARR. I believe he did that to ensure he or I weren't wasting time for something that wasn't gonna give me an increase in ratings.
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