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    ankylosing spondylitis

    I was just medically retired in Jan for spondyloarthropathy. I finally got 40% from the VA and DOD after doing a VA rating reconsideration while in the IDES with Jason's help. Unfortunately the VA will most likely rate you on whatever is lower using the chronic or active process under the...
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    Unfit just because I'm a pilot?

    Hey Razor, I'm a guard/reserve pilot and am just finishing up my PEB for Spondyloarthropathy. I am also on those same drugs along with meloxicam and prednisone on occasions. Like you said those drugs are non-waiverable for flying, but they also make you non deployable. The narsum in my peb...
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    LOD (or lack thereof) question

    Hey Chuckie, I was a guard baby too that switched to the reserves just before my medical issues started. That is complete BS from your medgroup but not really surprising. The ANG and Reserves are painfully inept and incompetent in a lot of cases that involve a possible MEB. Part of the...
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    Getting a fit or unfitting notification

    I'm in the same boat waiting to hear from AFPC, it's been 6 weeks of waiting to hear fit/unfit. My Peblo says it could take 2 months but it sounds like it is normally sooner. Anyone else heard lately? Thanks.
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    The reality is that I won't ever fly in the military again, deploy, etc. with this condition. I also can't sit a desk for more than an hour or two so I am being told I will most likely be found unfit for further service. I have been working with Jason on the next step, my MEB. Now, I am...
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    Quick update but finally after 8 months I got my LOD back from HQ AF Reserves as "EPTS-Service Aggravated", this was only after Walter Reed did a Causality Assessment on what caused my Spondyloarthropathy (spondyloarthritis) and found that: "SM's reported onset of symptoms during deployment and...
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    89Falcon, Thanks so much for the advice, I appreciate it. Maybe it will put things in perspective for the MGen when he gets to experience having rights and entitlements taking away from him with AMR. Starting my congressional letter and IG complaint. I can't accept the medgroup's...
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    Definitely lots of questions. The frustrating part is that the med group won't do anything until they get the LOD back from ARPC, such as starting the MEB, possible waiver, etc. Who knows how long it will take to get the LOD back from ARPC, it has already been there for nearly 4 weeks...
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    Rickman, Lots of great info. Thank you. Most of the new guidance deals with orders in support of contingency ops. The orders I am on now and when I was diagnosed are just school orders. It doesn't look like these memos apply to my case. Thanks, Snap
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    Hi, I found this website a while ago and have found it very helpful with my condition. Quick background: 13+ yr (8+ years of active duty orders) AF Reserve Pilot on 144 days of school orders since last Nov 2011, late Nov 2011 diagnosed with HLA-B27+ Spondyloarthropathy...
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