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  • Which boat? We were in St. Marys from December 1993 to August 1994, then Groton from August 1994 to 1995(commissioning), then back. 1st hubby and I were there on the Maine from Aug 1995 to when I left in October 1997. He was there until he finished up in August 1998. I remember the aymean smell well. It was certainly overwhelming in the clothing that came off the boat upon return. I remember I couldn't eat on the boat when they first took over if I took him food while he was on watch because the smell would turn my stomach. I can imagine that long term that does damage. Good luck!
    Is the asthma sub air related? I remember going to take my ex dinner and that smelly air and how everything smelled when the boat came in. Kings Bay or Washington state? While my ex and I were married he became a plankholder on the Maine SSBN741gold. After being a Navy wife at Groton and Kings Bay over a period of six years, a space, and then an Army wife, I can tell you, the Navy cares a whole lot more than the Army. I would give my eye teeth to be back there. Good luck with everything.
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