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    PTSD DOD rating Help.

    Might want to look into the following as well. In accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (38 CFR § 4.129) states that: "When a mental disorder that develops in service as the result of a stressful event is severe enough to bring about the veteran's release from active military service...
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    PDBR News

    So let me ask all of the experts on here, this question. What if you are a combat wounded veteran that underwent the a MEB and was granted a rating of over 30%, but was still given the wrong rating for your PTSD condition? Here's my situation: I was injured in Iraq during my tour in 2004. I...
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    Purple Hearts for TBI Under Review - Secretary Gates to report findings 03-31-10

    Just wanted to give everyone an update on the current issue of awarding Purple Hearts to those with TBI's and how they have been inconsistently awarded. Back in October 2009 Congress asked DoD to review its procedures for awarding the Purple Heart to troops suffering from traumatic brain...
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    Ms C, A little bit of background on myself; I served with the US Army on Active Duty from 1991-2001 then the National Guard from 2001-2006. I was involuntarily retired after undergoing a MMRB. Let me explain to the uninformed, what the definition of an MMRB is according to the United...
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    Post service purple heart??

    Dude, Your COC (Chain-of-Command) is full of @#*! Not to mention very unprofessional! :mad: It should be a simple administrative matter. You can easily go to your Battalion S-2 (Military Intelligence shop) and talk to them about acquiring a copy of the incident in question. Every...
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    Local Congressman helping to change discharge to military retirement?

    confusedARNGvet, Here you go buddy. Here is NGB 600-200 for ya: Physical Evaluation Board Forum - PEB Library - NGR 600-200 (Implementing Draft)
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    Post service purple heart??

    Back in October 2008 I applied for a post service award of the Purple Heart for sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while serving in Iraq. This incident occurred on 12, Apr. 2004. I was less than ten feet away when an enemy 82mm rocket exploded, knocking me over a concrete barrier. I...
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    PEB Results are back

    Jason, Thanks for your accolades! I really appreciate it! :D Currently my PEB result are in WA. D.C. at the Army Physical Disability Agency. They are the ones who provide the oversight over all of the MEB results. They will either concur with the MEB's findings and leave me where I'm at...
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    PEB Results are back

    Glad to hear it! Just got my results back recently as well. A little background info on myself; Did 10 years Active Army, 5 yrs. Army National Guard. Deployed to OIF II in 2004-2005. Was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety disorders, a mild TBI, and neck and back problems. Applied for a VA...
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    A Lawyer?

    Ma'am, You can also contact Lawyers Serving Warriors. This is a nonprofit veterans service organization that is a part of the National Veterans Legal Services Program. As the voice of veterans' rights for the last 25 years, the National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) works to...
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    Another Service Member Gets The Shaft!

    Greetings my fellow comrades-in-arms! Just thought I'd put in my two cents. First, a little background on myself. I served with the US Army on active duty from 1991-2001 then the national guard from 2001-2006. Was involuntarily retired after undergoing a MMRB. Didn't refute the results at...
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    Updated Schedule for Rating Disabilities; Evaluation of Residuals of TBI

    Greetings my fellow veterans! I just wanted to share something with those who are dealing with the after-effects of a TBI. A little background on myself; deployed to Iraq during OIF II. Shortly after arriving, I was knocked unconcious by an enemy rocket that exploded less than ten feet...
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