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    Any here apart of the new DOD/VA pilot program??

    Mine took about 2 months to come back, but I was also one of the first AF to get a disability rating and separated under the pilot.
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    Advice for Pilot Program

    As far as the pilot program, it really is a good program if you are planning on getting out. I recently went through the pilot and it took a LONG time, but now as a civilian, I am so thankful I don't have to fight for VA all alone. Just hang in there (I know that is easier said than done).
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    I was giving 10% from the VA, and that is what the VA went off of for my MEB. So, I was given...

    I was giving 10% from the VA, and that is what the VA went off of for my MEB. So, I was given 10% with severance. I was appart of the DOD/VA pilot program which is why the VA gave me my rating. It is almost all based off of your range of motion. If you haven't had one yet, you will/need to get...
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    Dept. of Defense and VA miss important deadline

    I actually contacted the Senate Commitee for VA affairs and made a formal complain about my MEB. I was one of the first AF to get a disability rating through the pilot as well. The whole system is a huge mess and needs major attention to fix the problems. I made all the problems very clear to...
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    Alright I called AFPC for clarification on this. They said it would be up to my commander to sign off for terminal leave. Since I have 39 days of leave and about 60 days until my new DOS, I would be allowed to take my leave. I guess the selling back thing is only for leave that would put you...
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    No, I haven't sold any days back. I really just don't get it. If I have time to take my leave before my newly established DOS, why wouldn't I be able to take the terminal?
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    Good luck Purple. I hope to see you back on here after the move.
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    Alright so now I'm confused. I got my DOS today. It only took 8 days! But the date is 62 days away, and I am stationed stateside so it should only be 40 days. Based on the reg I posted yesterday on this thread, I should be able to take my accured leave up to that established date?? I have 39...
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    I came across something interesting about the terminal leave situation. AFPC refered me this, AFI 36-3003 para 4.7 As I read this, you can take your leave up to the established DOS and must sell the rest because they will not extend you DOS to take the leave. 4.7. Disability Separation...
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    Thanks Purple for that information. I think it is dumb they make you sell it back. I don't know what I am going to do with all that time...outprocessing isn't going to take all that long. Its not like I have a job to do anymore now that my unit knows I am seperating.
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    Purple, I was reading on another post, you were talking about selling leave back. I get confused here...So, I'll be given 40 days to separate and I have around 37 days of leave. Will I be able to take all of my leave as terminal and outprocess? My view on this is I've earned these days and I...
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    Thanks Purple for the information. My PEBLO told me I will know my orders are done, or almost done when my DOS changes on my VMPF. I will be looking out for that. This sucks finding out I am getting out and I can not do anything for outprocessing until I get the orders. I just want to leave...
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    Results are in!!!

    Thanks everyone! Now I just have to wait for my orders. I really hope they come quick. The sooner I outprocess and move, the better things will be for me and my family. It isn't easy to outprocess from the military and its really not easy to move from the east coast back to the west (3000 miles).
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    Severance pay and retirement Pay

    Oh alright that makes much more sense. Now, I was also under the impression this was to be taxed at a very high rate. This this a newer change?
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    Oh okay that makes sense. I may be in the same TMO situation as you. I am going to call and see if I can work something out so I don't have to wait for a move date. I know they get backed up during the summer months. Did they email them directly to you, or was it routed through your unit...
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