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    My Timeline Question

    My understanding: Check e-benefits tab Historical. It will eventually show a closed claim (you may still see a pending claim as well). The ratings will go back to your DoD branch of service for QA. They will assign the DoD rating and send both the VA and DoD ratings back to your PEBLO. This...
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    Where am I in the process

    My VA ratings closed yesterday as well. I'll post when I hear something.
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    About to go sign my AF form 618 What should I be checking?

    How much time are you getting to your Date of Separation?
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    Peterson AFB Timeline

    Good luck. Hopefully you are getting the outcome you want.
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    No AFPC notification?

    Thank you!
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    No AFPC notification?

    The VA called about a medical question for clarification and I managed to get a little info out of them while I had them on the phone. I just wish the DoD side was as forthcoming with info.
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    Peterson AFB Timeline

    Apparently they do not mail anything for MEBs. It sounds like you can call and they will fax you the results after 10 days.
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    No AFPC notification?

    The VA called to day and said that my rating should be done this afternoon. I never got an "unfit" e-mail from AFPC or notification from the PEBLO. Anyone else not gotten notified?
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    2 Different Claims on Ebenefits?

    I don't think they mail you anything for MEBs. You can either call the VA (after the 10 days) and they will fax your VA results, or wait on AFPC to return both DoD and VA results to your PEBLO.
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    My Timeline

    Mine took about a week
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    About to go sign my AF form 618 What should I be checking?

    I have enough leave on the books to make 20 years now, even if I got results today.
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    Peterson AFB Timeline

    I'll let you know when my e-benifits claim status changes. That seems to be the best indication that you are found unfit and the VA is assigning ratings.
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    Peterson AFB Timeline

    My packet just went to AFPC on 1 Feb. I believe the "Your PEBLO will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of the email notification." is referring to your results (%) coming back. Hopefully we will both know early March!
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    MEB timeline

    It appears from the timelines here that The AF has been fairly liberal in allowing people to use their leave. I'm wondering as well though as I have 70 days + 20 Permissive as of today.
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