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    Awaiting Ratings and awaiting additional diagnosis

    Also, the issue that originally found me unfit was MDD and GAD. A few searches has showed me that stress, anxiety and/or depression could be the cause of it. Not sure if they will be able to tie them together though.
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    Awaiting Ratings and awaiting additional diagnosis

    Thanks for the help. Right now, it is the local VA that is doing the screening, so I would hope that would help. As for an attorney, is that something where I need to find one off base or seek the help from JAG?
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    Awaiting Ratings and awaiting additional diagnosis

    My MEB has been approved, I have gone through all of my VA appointments and I may have an additional diagnosis of IBS. The issue is that I have my appointment around the time or a couple of weeks after my percentages come in. Is this something that I want to try to get while I am in or is this...
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    Saunders v United States

    So... if I am reading this right. I don't need an official diagnosis, but if I have pain in my left knee then it should be at least considered?
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    Question regarding TDLR to PDLR

    I'm still in the beginning of my MEDBoard process. The NARSUM are being put together; hopefully, it gets submitted at the end of the week or early next week. I'm kind of doing my own projections to see what may happen. I'm thinking I will end up getting TDLR. My question is hypothetical. If...
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