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    If VA has rated my conditions?

    Celect, So you received initial ratings from the VA outside of PEB chain? I thought my only notification of my ratings would be from my PEBLO. Are you in the pilot program? Thanks, tra777
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    If VA has rated my conditions?

    Hello all, I found out yesterday that the VA has rated my conditions but the authorization has not been signed yet. Although the VA rep could see that my package has met the rating board, an actual rating was not listed yet. I cannot get any info from my PEBLO at all on my status. He also...
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    DOD/VA timelines

    Thanks Celect. I called the VA number and was told my package was awaiting rating. I am currently going through the AF Pilot program. If I will be receiving a rating, can someone one tell me if this means the AF found me unfit? My PEBLO says he does not have any information to pass on to me. My...
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    Despite the title, this is NOT an official site

    I find it both ironic and sad that I was able to get information from this website that my PEBLO's office was not aware. In fact, my PEB package was kicked backed because the info/process was not included. I believe this website is quite resourceful. I don't post much but I want to step in...
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    MEB/Medical Retirement

    Jason is very helpful and does a good job with answering posts. He recently posted a note letting the forum know that he will be away from the forum since he will be attending a formal hearing. However, other members also do well in providing assistance in areas that they are familiar.
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    10 weeks no answer.

    Congratulations to you! I noticed your timeline. Are you a part of the pilot program?
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    I'm glad that it works out for you. I'm still curious about how they went about calculating those days, though. From what we'd read, it's 40 days but there's some other factor coming into play. That's interesting. It's good you got your BAS and BAH because that's a lot to loose out on. I'm in...
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    That's not making sense to me either. I wonder if it is duty days that they are counting. That would make more sense because that would put you more around the 40 day mark. If that's the case, the 4th of July would not be counted and you gained another couple of days because leave is still...
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    Surfer495, Have you sold back leave any time in your career?
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    This is the Air Force policy from AFI 36-3212. Note 5.19.2. for leave computation 5.19. Date of Disability Retirement or Discharge. 5.19.1. HQ AFPC/DPPD determines the retirement or discharge date no later than 10 days from the date of the Secretarial determination of unfitness. Appropriate...
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    On AFPC's website if you have already sold up to 60 days...... "Any unsellable leave will be used in the computation of your date of separation/retirement. However, some Air Reserve Component members are eligible to sell back in excess of 60 days and will be required to do so." Found here...
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    Disability Evaluation System Guide

    All, This very helpful guide gives an overview of the DES to include stepping through the FPEB. I didn't run across this on the forum anywhere so I'm not sure if it's already posted.
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    DoD Directive Type Memo Implementing 2008 NDAA

    Concerning section 3.12, is permanent limited duty a consideration for all branches/positions? I will be over 19 by the time my package is sent up. I've already been told the MEB process alone is going to be about 5 months or more since I am in the pilot program. When adding the PEB, I'll be...
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