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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    My MSC said it is still waiting for a proposed rating decision. It has been assigned to a rater so hopefully they will be making a decision soon. I don't know if that is progress or not? and we wait.
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    yes keep updating. I am still waiting as well.
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    Uncured sleep apenia question

    so I have experience with this. I have sleep apnea and use cpap. I was diagnosed years ago and was using a machine and then had the UPPP procedure which seemed to help some initially and had a repeat sleep study after surgery which said it had resolved but the apnea returned months later after...
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Wow, I hope you get a quick turn around for your sake. good luck. I had similar issue with my C&P exams. somethings were just not correct so I addressed everything in a letter of exception. I hope to hear something soon as well. I have an interview next week for a job.
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    Waiting for ratings

    6-10 weeks is what I am told. I am waiting as well. I was found unfit 19 Mar 19.
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    Fort Lee Timeline for Back issues

    My ratings are being done in Providence as well.
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    Fort Lee Timeline for Back issues

    that's awesome. I really hope to hear something soon myself as my case was referred to IPEB on 15 Mar 19 and then to VA for ratings on 19 Mar 19.
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    Issued a Chapter 5-17 now what?

    Seroquel is a heavy hitter. antipsychotic that is used for many things to include PTSD and sleep issues but there are definitely side effects. I was on it for months and yes it helps but the side effects were too much so I stopped. you could not fly on that. good luck.
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    A disturbing trend I have seen recently

    I think you should talk to someone about this ASAP. call or go to the clinic or supervisor. I am concerned for your safety. you need to be there for your baby.
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    Timeline for Ankle Surgery (failed), Gyno, Pulmonary, PTSD

    It says 2020 for everyone when you start. also that date on there isn't really accurate . It will change. you should be able to get the best information from your PEBLO. good luck
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    I would try and go to the PELBO's office in person to get a better update.
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    good luck hope that means things are moving. mine says prep for decision as well. my estimated completion date changed to a month later. I don't think that is a very accurate date though.
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    PEBLO contacted be this morning and apparently they are taking about a month to get ratings done before being sent to the case manager which will then take another week or so before being sent to the PEBLO. should have a decision at least by the end of the month by my estimation. but who really...
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    Will do. I probably have an interview in the next week for a job so I would like to get all this done as soon as possible. I will keep updating. Good luck to everyone.
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