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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Right, that's the important thing. getting it right the first time.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    congrats!!! its been a minute for you. the end is near.
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    Compartment Syndrome

    – Anterior compartment syndrome is a condition where the muscles in a part of the leg swells, cutting off blood circulation to the muscles. It is rated under one of the leg muscle codes, depending on which muscles are affected. See The Foot and Lower Leg Muscles and The Buttock, Hip, and Thigh...
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    TIME LINE HELP!!! [severance pay & taxes]

    RonG- here are my numbers 1. High three average base for retirement = 7,089 2. Approved DoD disability retirement pay percentage = 80% 3. Number of years of active duty = 20 years 4 months 4. Indicate if you have qualified for a retirement other than disability = qualified for active duty...
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    Need Feedback

    you do qualify to medically retire. Just need 30% DOD. I would consult legal.
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    TIME LINE HELP!!! [severance pay & taxes]

    DFAS is no help at all. I asked them for an estimate on what I would get paid for retirement and they asked me if I was retired yet and then said they couldn't help me. I think they just sit at a computer and read rebuttals off a computer. I wasn't on the flow chart. Robots.
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    TDRL to PDRL with PEB Comments regarding Pay

    the 75% is the limit by law. I have a similar situation. 80% DOD and 100% VA and over 20 year active duty. also another note is that to get CRDP which is concurrent retirement and VA compensation the CRDP is limited by how much time you put in. so basically I will get 100% VA compensation pay...
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    Combat related PTSD?

    Ron thanks for the information. will have to see what works out best.
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    Combat related PTSD?

    I will be Medically retired from the Air Force at the end of August with 70% PTSD due to deployment to Afghanistan. I also have 20 years active duty service. I am not sure if CRSC or CRDP would be better.
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    Combat related PTSD?

    So you have to wait until retired to apply for CRSC. How long is that process once you apply?
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    Medical or LOS & CRDP

    Ron I have a question. I have 20 years active duty service and am rated at 80% DOD / 100% VA. Will my DOD retirement be limited by my longevity? I know for the DOD disability retirement technically I should get 75% but with CRDP will I actually get that? I don't think so. I have inquired with my...
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    Medical or LOS & CRDP

    you will get both since you have done 20 years. the advantage of medical retirement is your retirement could be higher as they go off of your unfitting conditions rating(DOD disability) or time in service whichever pays more. you can get a max of 75 % of your base pay if you are rated that high...
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    Mental Health Condition ratings and timeline

    Signed for the ratings. should get retirement orders in next week. final out should be end of June.
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    Fibromyalgia Diag. from Rheumatologist, new PCM & DAWG lead refuse to take any action

    What is your AFSC? if you don't mind. you definitely should get more people involved. patient advocate and IG if needed. Profiles are so you don't worsen your condition or if you cant do things because of your conditions. they shouldn't have stopped the profile. With that list of meds you...
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    My Timeline

    I just wouldn't think it would take that long once it gets back to the PEB. I think it only took 2 days once back for me. they just use the VA ratings for the unfitting condition. maybe there is a backlog?
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