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    Depression/ Fit for Duty

    I can see generalized notes from my provider on TOL...
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    I’m in the process of getting MEB, but got an Article 15 for shoplifting (accidental) can the MEB overrule the Article 15?

    Why would you accept an Article 15 for accidentally walking out of the store?
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    At least enlisted have the option to accept or reject medical hold. Being in limbo and not being able to accept job offers is not fun.
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    My case hasn't even been submitted to the IPEB and I had my C&P exams done before you....
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    C&P Exam

    If you're talking about the DBQs, the VA has them on their website. You shouldn't be filling out much, as the examiner is the one that types everything into the e-forms. This was the case for me back in October 2019 at least.
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    AFPC MEB Deadline might be busted

    You should be asked if you want to separate or be put on med hold (if enlisted). Officers have to stay in until the completion of their MEB, regardless.
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    What’s next after VA proposal letter?

    You should be able to figure out your DOD rating based on the condition(s) which made you "unfit."
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    AFPC MEB Deadline might be busted

    All of my exams, etc were due to the IPEB in AUGUST. Here I am STILL waiting...
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    80%-100% Rating

    Here is what I found: "The effective date for a disability that was caused—or made worse—by military service is whichever of these comes later: The date we get your claim, or The date you first got your illness or injury (also known as the date...
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    80%-100% Rating

    I need to find the reference, but I believe the back pay goes back to your claim date, except if within a year after separation/retirement....then I believe it goes back to that date.
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    SSDI is about to kick off hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.

    I’d imagine he did. You’ve said you’ve read a dozen articles. Please share them
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    Lackland AFB timeline - IBD

    I have only requested an IMR recently after my MEB. I am not at Lackland. Don’t want to say which base I’m at at this point If you’re just starting the referral process, I think you’ll be fine. Mine went from a January delay at the DAWG to see if my condition would improve and then it took...
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    Lackland AFB timeline - IBD

    I have only requested an IMR recently after my MEB. I am not at Lackland. Don’t want to say which base I’m at at this point.
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    Lackland AFB timeline - IBD

    My initial timeline was almost like yours. My MEB hasn’t been finalized and sent to the IPEB yet...
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    I Never received a DD-214

    I've been able to download a copy at milConnect: Benefits and Records for DoD Affiliates If you don't have an account, there is a "new user" link on the upper right. You should already have a login/password if you use DFAS and the VA website using a DS login. Under the...
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