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Parachuting, bowling
December 14
Houston, TX
Air Traffic Control Officer


Yahoo! Messenger


Dec 08: MEB Initiated
Jul 09: sent to IPEB
Oct 09: IPEB Results: 40% PDRL; appealed; applied VA
Jan 10: PEB Returned to MEB for more info & SSDI Approved
Jun 10: IPEB Returned to MEB for more info
Aug 10: NARSUM updated and returned to IPEB: 27 Aug results 70% PDRL
24 Sep 10: orders rec'd; 29 Dec 10 DOS
4 Oct 10: AFBCMR; Recmd. increase to 80% PDRL
5 Oct 11: AFBCMR finalized @ 80% PDRL; 70% VA partial rating
22 Apr 13: VA rating after 3.5 years 100% P&T.



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