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    My Timeline

    SEVERANCE checks are nice until you go in expecting to receive monthly disability pay from the VA and find out your monthly amount is $0 until your severance amount granted is paid back. Goal should be retirement, not severance.
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    My Timeline

    Since the MEB only determines fitness for duty, I’m surprised your PEBLO said anything about ratings. Your first rating(s) would come from the IPEB and NEVER the PEBLO.
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    IDES Timeline

    Sorry to see timeline speed hasn’t improved.
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    Formal PEB hearing vs. VA

    The problem is not all VA findings are considered "unfitting" by the DoD i.e. tinnitus, CPAP, etc.
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    Medical Retirement worry

    Sorry, no BAH.
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    Help with pay question?

    Max VA can a lot more depending on if you receive SMC and Aid & Attendance. Mine is around $3,600 - $3,800...memory fails me.
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    Retire pay. Since limited to LOS, was going through IDES worth it?

    Hello friend, the amount amount you're getting from PDRL is CRDP. Without CRDP you would only be paid one or the other, not both DoD and VA. If CRSC works out better for you, you might still qualify for that but as you know, not both.
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    Retire pay. Since limited to LOS, was going through IDES worth it?

    I served in the reserves, but hit the 20-year active point. I was 80%DoD/100% VA. Before my VA rating I received DoD retirement of 75% of standard base pay. When I received my VA rating, the amount of VA disability I received was deducted from my retirement pay and made tax free. The...
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    I'm not certain of it's the same in other services but in the USAF, the commander can refer an individual to an MEB to determine if he/she meets retention requirements. Make your 1stSgt aware of this and he can help you get a satisfactory outcome and do an end run around the physicians.
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    VA caregiver program

    My response to Ranger about whether the VA can take benefits without due process when he mentioned it might be because the VA is cash strapped and he also asked whether we contacted the Caregiver Coordinator. "With only about 7500 beneficiaries, it doesn't take that much cash in the overall...
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    VA caregiver program

    My response from Jason, "No, once a benefit is granted, there must be an opportunity to be heard on the matter. I have not looked at whether there are any "twists" or exceptions dealing with Caregiver program. But, my instinct is that the general rules for all benefits would apply." I did not...
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    VA caregiver program

    Your assumptions are incorrect. 1. I had been going to a VA outpatient clinic monthly for blood tests, but those tapered off to quarterly once I found I was having reactions to several meds and I came off them. 2. Who said I haven't gone to them? I have gone almost monthly with visits...