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    VA Request for Reconsideration -Effective date?

    If you’re going through the IDES, process it’s safe to assume your currently still on active duty. If still on active duty effective dates for any disability rating will always be One day after your release from active duty date. Ex-ETS of 05/31/2018 Disability effective date is 06/01/2018...
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    discrepancy in VA claim effective date

    The IU form is VA Form 21-8940, you also want to submit A VA form 21-4192 employer information signed by the previous employers. You must submit all the employers with in the last year of employment. When the VA receives your form they will send the veteran out for exams. The examiner will...
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    I filed a claim for CRSC in March of 2017. I forgot about the claim and finally received my approval letter around May 1st. The letter was dated April 25, 2018. I have an efficient date of June 2014. DFAS CRSC statement show my first payment will be on June 1st. The reto payment I have no clue...
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