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    I got this email today. I understand that the Covid started right after my case was forwarded back in December 3 years‍♀️ Heidi Your...
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    Update to my timeline. Received two RAS's from DFAS yesterday. One dated June 1st showing my monthly retirement amount, minus SBP which...
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    WC6Q replied to the thread Has the email changed?.
    I am at 3 years too. I have emailed my reps, hopefully, one of them will pick up the ball and run with it. Maybe if enough of us contact...
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    I thought they were suppose to get everything up for 2019 by the end of April. What gives? Or is this just gonna be a coronavirus reason?
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    WC6Q replied to the thread Reading Room available again.
    I just realized they are still updating cases from 11 years ago... 11 YEARS!
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