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    Did I Hurt Myself?

    No where in the C2 code does it says anything about reenlistment. Because it is an assignment code. C1: Airmen permanently and TDY assignment-eligible to global Department of Defense installations with medical treatment facilities. Generally, approvals are for conditions that are stable and...
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    Mental Illness and new Gun Law

    It's all speculation until it becomes law.
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    Leave cash out

    You can only sell back up to 60 days. You must get permission from your PEBLO in addition to your regular chain of command.
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    Non Medical Assesment letter question

    Yes, if a condition is unfitting, then it should be included.
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    I think cross training (changing career fields) would be a good option for you.
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    Is there a chance these could be unfit?

    If his condition has been forwarded to the MEB, then there is a chance of either outcome.
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    SEVERANCE!!! How long does it take to get last pay check.

    Close to 30-45 days. Because when your discharged, they audit all financial transaction with military.
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    Headache Syndrome???

    Mine are near what SOLDIERBOYTH is and I received the same rating. To prove "Prostating" you would have to go to the ER each and every time you get one.
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    VA disability awards letter

    The sooner you get it fixed the better.
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    Future employment and disability

    Also if your 70% VA rated (or higher) you can apply for unemployable status, which if accepted you get 100% VA. Good Luck
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    All the info you needed and wanted:
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    Medical DQ and then denied reenlistment?? Help!!

    What code has been placed on you?
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    Need help quickly

    Do the Formal and present the new evidence.
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    Just had spinal fusion do I get compensation for help I needed and time in hospital.

    You are active duty, collecting active duty pay and went on convalescent leave leave to heal from surgery, and want your wife and others that helped you, to be financially compensated? Did you make arrangement with tricare for post-operative care? Have you filed a claim with tricare? I'm sure...
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    How do the ratings work for payment

    All condition that exist.
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