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  • hi,everyone ,this is my first time post my short story, have plantar fasciitas in Dec 2019,i have treament on orthopedic on 6 months,i talk my PCP with MEB in May 26 2021,he said this is not big problem and not reached MRDP also give me p2 profile same day,thats my first time talk to him about MEB,and also,i give feedback my orthopedic physician,told him what my PCP said.he said he will help me,but im know sure how much help my orthopedic physician can help me,Does he can change my p2 to p3?or any chance can change my PCP desicion?what do i need talk to my PCP or orthopedic physician in next apointment, can anyone gived me some help.thanks:(
    Is your goal to have a P3 then MEB? If so, then yes the specialist can put in a P3 and the PCMs actually preferer it that way. I would say, you need to be very clear with what you want when you talk to either. The PCM is likely trying to look out for you and keep you out of the MEB process. If you had a lapse in profiles since Dec 2019, he can probably justify you not reaching MRDP. But IF you want a MEB, then you can remind the specialist that 12 months from the injury not healing is the standard for MRDP regardless of lapse in profile (lack of profile does not mean you are healed). With that being said, the language will have to be really strong to get an UNFIT MEB rating referring you to PEB, and you are likely to get 0-10% (20% if it is bilateral). I don't see you getting 30% or higher for plantar issues. Lastly, your commander can request a MEB on your P2 profile if they are supportive of you going that route.
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