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    Unfit for Duty

    sorry to hear that, hopefully it ends well for you. they decided to finally put me on a permanent profile, even though it is only a P2, being a combat MOS it will push into a MEB, and then they will decide if I'm fit for duty, they sId since it's my feet they probably will find me unfit...
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    Chapter 18 vs MEB/PEB

    hey let him respond, it might not be useful for them anymore, but it is helpful for someone like myself. I've been injured for the past 8 months (injured foot turned into plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in both feet) was forced to go to NTC and do dissmount operations with an injured foot...
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    Unfit for Duty

    how long where you suffering for before they finally decided to MEB board you? I have been suffering for almost a year, they sent me out to NTC and made me dismount with messed up foot, they took me off of profile ro chipo me to Korea, where I currently walk 3+ miles a day and it has started in...
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    plantar fasciitis

    I've been in for 2 years now, and about May of last year I sustained an injury. They had us rucking up a canyon that plateaus and then goes up and repeats like that, then turning around and running back down it with full ruck as well. I injured my foot and then i was sent to NTC where i had to...
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