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AF/A1 MEDCON orders processing AFI UPDATE for ADOS-AC man-day's 2019-12-05

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This was just updated last week.

This is an AFI update addressing local level MEDCON orders processing (doesn’t cover down on AFPC/ARC-CMD/SAF MEDCON Allocation times which are historically atrocious as they are generally allocated AFTER the members MEDCON orders expire).

A update to the MPA reg, AFI 36-2619 was published on 25 Nov 2019. Of significance is a paragraph IRT MEDCON:

Para Publishes MEDCON [referring to para 1.2.3 AFRC & ANGRC] AROWS order, within 5 duty days after receipt of allocation or prior to expiration of MEDCON tour whichever occurs earlier.

So, the AF is conceding that the policy that Congress has set forth and the DODI supports needs to ACTUALLY be followed. Members SHOULD be retained without a break in service.

DoDI 1241.01, April 19, 2016:

3. POLICY. It is DoD policy that:

(2) When an RC Service member is on active duty (AD) or full-time National Guard duty (FTNGD) for a period of more than 30 days and, at the scheduled end of that period, has an unresolved in-LOD condition that may render the member unfit for duty under the Disability Evaluation System (DES), but this has not yet been determined by the DES, the member:

(a) Will, with his or her consent, be retained on AD or FTNGD until:

1. Outstanding in-LOD conditions are resolved; or

2. He or she is either found fit for duty, separated, or retired as a result of a DES

AFI 36-2910 8 OCTOBER 2015

1.7.5. Members should not be separated or retired while pending a final LOD determination.

Hope this helps someone out.
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