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Air Force Updates PEB Instruction- AFI36-3212 dtd 22 Feb 24 2024-03-11

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Section 3.28.5 regarding summary decision requests is the most interesting section of the instruction that you will want to discuss with your assigned ODC counsel or retained civilian attorney. A summary decision request is essentially a written brief with supporting evidence requesting an on-the-record decision without the need for a formal hearing. If granted, then you have achieved your goal. If not, then you can always proceed to a formal hearing and may receive valuable feedback from the members as to why they couldn't grant the summary request- this will enable you to develop whatever aspect of the case may have been insufficient for the members at the summary requests level. While it is not as generous or flexible as the Army IPEB Reconsideration Request structure, it is a useful tool that you and your attorney can employ if the facts of your case warrant it.