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Army Publishing Directorate (AR DIR 2025-01) UPDATED 2024-02-14

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The Army Publishing Directorate has released a new Army Fitness Determinations and Deployability Directive (AR DIR 2024-01) that may have a profound effect on your PEB case- thus, I wanted to post it here and ask the moderators to add it to the Resources area as well.

This directive modifies AR 635-40 and authorizes the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) to determine a Soldier's fitness for duty based on multiple criteria, including the ability to deploy with a medical waiver. These criteria include whether a soldier possesses specialized skills that the Army needs, whether the Soldier's evals and nonmedical evidence support retention, how well-controlled any potentially unfitting condition may be, whether the Soldier's environment can be controlled to prevent exacerbations, and whether the Soldier's conditions make it unlikely that they would receive a medical waiver to deploy. Note- the deployability factor does not apply to Medical Corps officers.

While this may be good news for some of you who wish to be retained with a permanent profile, I suspect that it will be used to retain more personnel against their wishes in the medical and allied health fields as well as personnel who possess an MOS in a career field where there is currently a personnel shortage. All Army personnel being processed through the PEB system should ensure that their OSC attorney or civilian counsel is aware of this directive when advising you concerning the development and appeal of your case.
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