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    AGR soldier going through Camp Atterbury MEBROC

    I am at the end stage I think or second to end I'm in PDA action and I've been here for about 75 days Mrs. Rigdon is my peblo anyone know how long this is suppose to take I want out of the guard and the shop Dual-Status Tech
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    22 Year Retirement vs MEB retirement

    anyone to help me with crsc my peblo just call Dfas to see if I qualify, ive made it all the way to peb formal board where they said shoulder and back are v1/3 combat related and I asked peblo about it and was told to call dfas
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    formal board results questions.

    I have no clue what to do with my v1/3 but my lawyer said fight for it and that I had all the evidence I needed and they lost all of my medical documents from deployment
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    formal board results questions.

    i receive my findings in about 30 minutes after doing the FPEB they changed mine to a v1 rating have no clue what that means I was just told its good
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    help with ides in peb process now

    MEB said unfit va said unfit 80% peb said unfit 50% permanent disability retirement and my PEBLO cant answer any of my Questions instead she says call Tricare and dfas and the va 21years 9 months ARNG 1 IRAQ 2 AFGHANISTAN trips all kinds of calculations I just want to know which one I recieve
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