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  1. vet-bama

    WW with NCM issues.

    Recently I retained a SSDI lawyer to help with my claim. The lawyer sent me some documents for my PCM to fill out pertaining to my physical condition and limitations. I passed the documents through my NCM at the WTU and she emailed me that the Dr. or the WTU clinic does not complete this...
  2. vet-bama

    Looking for insight or suggestions!

    HI Comrades, I have a 20 year letter and almost 18 years AD. Im going through a MEB at Belvoir now. My commander told me yesterday my situation is very unique and we need to set down and figure out a good plan. Looks like I will be found unfit but nothing is etched in stone yet. Im also a...
  3. vet-bama

    NG Soldier @ WTU. MEB started.

    * L knee dd ( rated 10% back in 2000) * L shoulder dd * L ear mild to moderate hearing loss * tinnitus, subjective * re-ocurring acute sinusitis * hypothyrodism (primary) * hypertensiom, essential * chronic renal insufficiency * osa w/ CPAP * Gerd * tinea pedis, b/l * left ulnar sensory...
  4. vet-bama

    MEB? RTD?

    HI all, First time to post on the forum but I have read quite a few and find them all pretty informative. I was just placed in the WTU for BH issues but I have other medical conditions that my PCM is working on. I'm just a little overwhelmed to say the least with all the appointments and all...
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