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  1. gunmate1

    How do you get a copy of your PDRL letter???

    I was transferred from TDRL to PDRL back in 2013. How does someone get a copy of that letter? I was placed on PDRL in 2013 but i need to get a copy of my letter. How do you get it?
  2. gunmate1

    Just went on PDRL

    Good Morning, I just got my results from the Navy and upon further inspection i have been placed in PDRL. My rating was 60%. Now i have a question, while i was on TDRL at 50% i was getting my full retirement check. I have 16 years of service. Does anyone know what my PDRL check will be or...
  3. gunmate1

    50% DoD Retirement and 80% Va. Which should i take????

    I am at 16 years and being medically retired i have my meeting with the VA rep tomorrow. Just looking for advice as to which would be better in the long run since i won't be getting both.
  4. gunmate1

    NAVY PEB notification wait so Frustrated.

    Why can't the Navy have a system of informing people where thier boards are? I know that the VA is done with my package and was sending it back to the PEB for decision. How long should that normally take? I was told to go to TAP and start looking for work but how can i give a potential...
  5. gunmate1

    Timeline for VA????????

    I found out on monday that i was found unfit by the Navy, i was told that i wouldn't get any percentages until the VA was done with my package. Does any one have any idea how long this process takes? I am trying to be out completely by April 1.
  6. gunmate1

    Navy IDES program

    Hi, I have been through the Legacy program and was found fit. Now i am going through the new and improved IDES program. I have no idea what to expect. So far the people i have been working with have spent more time with me than my last PEBLO. So i can confident with this new run at the PEB...
  7. gunmate1

    New problem and now Starting Again

    Well looks like i am starting this process again. Now my neck is starting to get worse. So now they have initiated a MED Board with my neck as the key issue and adding all the things wrong with my back and now everything else that is wrong with me to go into my package. I am so glad for this...
  8. gunmate1

    Being Seperated for Fit but unsuitable (NAVY)

    Anyone else going through this? I was found Fit to Continue Naval service by the PEB. Now since i won't clear for sea duty the detailor wrote me orders anyway. He told my Chain that he was going to process me out. If i don't clear for medical reasons, how can i be fit but unsuitable? Is...
  9. gunmate1

    NAVY Formal Board time frame

    I am looking for any information regarding the time frame that the Formal Board hears the case and results are back? Is there anyway to get an update on information before the board actually mails out the decision? If i am seperated with 15 years of service will i be compensated for all 15 or...
  10. gunmate1

    December Formal PEB

    Has anyone gone through a Navy Formal PEB October, November, or December 2010? Just trying to figure out the best timeline for a response from the board. I am hopeful they will find me unfit because of the disabilities that i have, and not find me fit then kick me out later. Thank you i hope...
  11. gunmate1

    Going to Formal board 2 DEC

    Going to the formal board tomorrow. Now i have to prove that i can't do my job and not be a sailor. Anyone else had issues with this? I know if i was on a ship it would be easier. Just tired of the stuff, I am in so much pain lately i can barely move, do things around the house and barely...
  12. gunmate1

    Going to Formal Board Need help

    Any suggestions on what i should have at the formal board? I need all the help i can get. I am going up for Degenerative Disc Disease, Shearbournes Syndrome, a herniated disc. Just need help, they think that because i was a volunteer firefighter that i don't have any pain. or injury. They...
  13. gunmate1

    Appealing a Fit to Continue Naval Service

    Has anyone else gotten this? I got this and then i found out that my Package wasn't full of all the medical paper work. So i am appealing the finding. Has anyone appealed a finding and had it overturned because of lack of data the first time? Also does anyone know how long it takes for the...
  14. gunmate1

    IPEB results back

    I am not happy the Navy found me Fit for full duty because i sit behind a desk. They don't know that i am up for orders in 3 months and supposed to head out to sea. What can i do??? Please Help
  15. gunmate1

    IPEB and SRB

    I am curious, my package went up to the IPEB at the Navy Yard 2 weeks ago. If they come back and find me unfit and give me a seperation date of October. Will i still recieve my Reenlistment Bonus?
  16. gunmate1

    Impact Statement

    Can an Impact statement help your PEB? I am wondering if it actually will or if i should just wait for the results.
  17. gunmate1

    MEB/PEB timeline

    MEB sent to PEB 01/20/2010 Notified through PEBLO 03/05/2010 Notified via Message 3/20/2010 Completed Physcial 04/01/2010 NMA Extention till 04/09/2010 NMA Complete by command 04/21/2010 Package Sent to PEB 04/21/2010 Results?>?????
  18. gunmate1

    Need help!!!!!!!!! with this Command NMA all messed up and full of lies. Need help!!

    This was what was submitted to the PEB as my NMA. It is full of lies, can a command actually do this with out consulting the S/M? Please help anyone please. I ghost wrote the top portion because i was told to. The bottom portion was added after i was yelled at by 2 O-5's that basically...
  19. gunmate1

    NMA Write up SNAFU, please help!!!!!

    I got pulled into my XO's office the other day and because i was awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service medal my XO said he is going to recommend that they keep me till the end of my enlistment. Can he do that on the Non Medical Assessment? When i was volunteering at a local fire...
  20. gunmate1

    New to the MEB PEB system... HELP!!!!

    Hi i have been through my MEB in January and they are recommending me for a PEB. Now we have gotten my package together with the exception of my Non Medical Assessment which seems my Chain of Command is sitting on. I keep hearing people talk about getting a rep from a veterans organization to...
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