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  1. Allty

    Post 911 GI bill and yellow ribbon

    ceilingfan, yeah we have more than that. we have a email saying that they were full. Then we got one of her professors involved and he got them to state in an email that they only have 3 enrollees this year. Then we have what looks to be a cover up when they wrote another email saying they...
  2. Allty

    Post 911 GI bill and yellow ribbon

    Hey guys Had situation with the school my wife is attending with my transferred benefits. The school participates in the yellow ribbon program and has agreed to 15 students to get up to $13,0000 to be matched by the VA. Well when my wife asked about the program at the beginning of the...
  3. Allty

    job and house hunting leave

    I dont believe you are authorized any, but I could be wrong
  4. Allty

    Remaining SRB

    Jason maybe you have seen this before. I was told by my PSD that I would not be recieving an installment of my SRB this OCT since I have a PDRL retirement date of 29OCT10 since I will not be completing the rest of the year. So I decided to do some research and found in OPNAVINST 1610.8A section...
  5. Allty

    Ulcerative Colitis

    Salty Dog I had a long fight and was almost screwed by the Navy's fit but unsuitable program but after an appeal I was found unfit and given permanent retirement at 30%. They were going to kick me out either way whether admin or medical so im glad I got the better of the two. Let me know if...
  6. Allty

    Appealed Fit finding

    Good deal mike My JAG also thought that the NMA was keeping me from an unfit finding. And sure enough I went from fit to PDRL.
  7. Allty

    You can help : Concurrent receipt for medical retirees

    They are trust worthy you may have some trust issues. Plenty of organizations use this powerful tool. but like i said if you dont want to use there automated email system just copy and paste the message, print it and send it to your senators. The bill is currently stalled due to some...
  8. Allty

    You can help : Concurrent receipt for medical retirees

    This webpage is the NAUS webpage powered by capwiz. It is built to send emails to your representatives. It does work and you will get a reciept of email from your representative. I am not really sure what xeno is talking about. But if you do not feel comfortable giving your info just copy and...
  9. Allty

    New Finding in today!!!

    thanks Jason yeah i haven't had my debrief yet I'm sure it will be explained
  10. Allty

    You can help : Concurrent receipt for medical retirees

    Hey everyone fill in the blanks and hit submit to sent it to your local senators to help ensure concurrent receipt get started. The letter is already written for you and when you enter your address it know which senators represent you. Thanks for your help. NAUS :: Why We're Here :: Your Voice...
  11. Allty

    New Finding in today!!!

    Thanks Jason for the feedback on my updated NMA it really proved to help my case. Maybe you could answer another question. On my separation counseling sheet it says that if I accept these findings the approximate retirement pay is estimated at 75% of my base pay while on PDRL. Now i thought...
  12. Allty

    New Finding in today!!!

    I went from Fit for Duty to 30% permanent retirement from dod and proposed 80% from the VA. That is a huge turn around. Thanks for all the help guys and feel free to ask any questions for all you Crohnies out there.
  13. Allty

    Appealed Fit finding

    Mike, You are going to need to get updated medical info to submit and/or a signifigant change in your NMA in order for the PEB to reconsider or grant an appeal. You can also have your supervisor write up a statement and also write your own to subbmit to the board. Good luck and let us know how...
  14. Allty

    Appealed Fit finding

    You submitted an appeal on the 24th of Feb or your package?
  15. Allty

    MEB/PEB for Crohn's and Osteoartritis

    Was the 20% for the crohn's alone or a combo of the two? I would of course suggest a formal and then talk to your GI doc and have him write up how he sees you current condition with the crohn's, Remember that for the 30% on crohn's you need to be "Moderately severe with frequent exacerbations"...
  16. Allty

    von Willebrand disease

    Hello all, I have a a Sailor at my command that has recently been diagnosed with von Willebrand disease (blood clotting disorder). They have been in for over 12 years and am wondering if the 8 year rule plies even though this disease is considered non-compensable by the DOD. If this is true...
  17. Allty

    Appealed Fit finding

    Still waiting on the PEB 2 months and counting ....almost 5 months total
  18. Allty

    November Air force IPEB Packages

    DID he ever get his letter? the VA told me this also last week
  19. Allty

    Opinion: Which is better outcome, PDRL or discharge w/ severance?

    I would prefer the permenent retirement based soley on the Tricare alone. Look into private healthcare for your family and I bet you can't get anwhere close to 470.00 a year for you and your family. If you are trying to start a bussiness I would look up the benefits that the government is...
  20. Allty

    Crohn's Disease MEB/PEB Timeline

    I fully understand how its supposed to work. my case has been pending for over 2 months since i sent in the appeal. I did call the VA hot line today and they said that they had finished with my ratings and i should find out next week but my PEBLO still has the status of pending. But this leads...
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