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    Received my 199 for TDRL

    My proposed rating from PEB is DoD unfit 80% (70 PTSD w/MDD) and 40% Fibromyalgia and 100% VA. If I am 40% for fibro alone is there any reason thr Army wants to make me TDRL for M/H? Trying to understand before appealing their decision.
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    Fibro gulf war service

    I am currently going through the medboard process for Fibro. I was told I can tie it to my service time in Iraq from 2003. However, my medboard doesn't have it as combat related, and i was just diagnosed 2019.
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    Ft. Meade Timeline

    SEP 10th, 2019 - Referred MEB SEP 17th, 2019 - Schedule for MEB brief for Nov 19th, (Printed IDES new process, complained, rescheduled for OCT) OCT 22st, 2019 - MEB Initiated, briefed, assigned a PEBLO OCT 28th, 2019 - Returned signed IDES paperwork NOV 11st, 2019 - VA C&P Exam NOV 12th, 2019 -...
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