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  1. OllieT

    I’m so tired of this

    So guys.... I got my findings in and they offered me 20% with severance pay. My referred conditions are broken down as follows: Neck pain with spinal stenosis: 20% Left upper radiculopathy: 20% Right upper radiculopathy: 20% They found the radiculopathy as a category 2 condition and therefore...
  2. OllieT

    Post your timelines - Spinal IPEB/FPEB

    Referred by PCM to MEB/IPEB for two conditions: 1) Spinal Stenosis , Cervical region 2) Cervical Disc Disorder with Radiculopathy 27 Sep 2018 - Referred MEB 27 Sep 2018 - Meeting with PEBLO & MSC 28 Sep 2018 - Phone meeting with JAG 05 Oct 2018 - NMA submitted by command 10 Oct 2018 - C&P...
  3. OllieT

    Fit / unfit findings

    Hey guys, am I correct in thinking that once your case is sent to the IPEB, they first determine if you are fit / unfit then send the notification of which PEB referred conditions they have deemed fit / unfit to your peblo. Your case file is then sent to VA for ratings if found unfit. If...
  4. OllieT

    Speechless at C&P results

    I received my C&P exam results and I am floored....speechless at the ROM.... very disappointed at the retired LCDR (Navy) that is a QTC examiner that just decided to write down ROM percentages that were definitely not mine. Based on his ROM I will be getting 10%. I'm actually angry at how he...
  5. OllieT

    NMA commanders letter (questions)

    Hey guys, I'm in the Navy on LIMDU orders to a command doing limited administrative functions. I am the only aviation rate at this command. The NMA is being sent to this commander (who doesn't really know anything about my injuries, limitations and my rate) how will this effect my MEB/PEB...
  6. OllieT

    ROM during physical therapy

    Good Morning guys, I had my physical therapy follow up yesterday and the PT checked my ROM which I think he made an error as my ROM was vastly "improved" however I don't feel like it has changed much in four weeks (7 sessions) He stated my ROM is as follows: (the first ROM was August and second...
  7. OllieT

    Two separate issues (cervical fusion and spinal stenosis)

    Hey guys, I've been scrolling this forum for some time now and firstly wanted to say thanks to the creators and moderators, your work is very much appreciated. Thank you. My issue is, I'm 9 weeks post Cervical fusion surgery for C5-C7 diagnosed as cervical stenosis. My issue is I still have...
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