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  1. Marine32

    FOUND FIT FOR DUTY AT TDRL EVAL: Question on qualifying for reenlistment

    Hi everybody... it's been a long time since i've posted, hope everybody is doing well. I was found fit to return to duty on my TDRL eval a few months ago, I returned the letter saying I wanted to return to duty, and now just waiting on instructions from them on what i need to do. I'm sure...
  2. Marine32

    QUESTION? Received my TDRL orders

    Hi everybody! I received my TDRL orders a few days ago to report Mar 30, 2011... it's only 30 miles away, so I'm happy about that. Well, I'm waiting on my medical records from my PCM (civilian), and I found out yesterday that they won't be ready until at least a few days after my TDRL...
  3. Marine32


    Ok, I have a question that maybe Jason, Mike, or the moderatators might be able to answer. I was placed on TDRL in Sep of 2009 for neck issues associated with cervical fusion, and right sided motor issues associated with a stroke. While on TDRL I had some mental issues and have been seeing...
  4. Marine32


    I had every intention of returning to duty when my TDRL evaluation came up, but I recently came to the conclusion that it is not possible. My situation is very complicated because what makes me unfit for duty is not what I was placed on TDRL for. I was placed on TDRL for cervicalgia @ 20%...
  5. Marine32

    State veteran bonuses

    Here is an article that could be beneficial if you qualify.
  6. Marine32

    Surgery while on TDRL

    I am now on TDRL as of Sep 30th 2009. I woke up last week with major neck pain, to the point where I couldn't move or breath without feeling almost in a paralyized state, so I had to go to the emergency room on the military base down here in NC. They gave me an XRAY which came back negative(to...
  7. Marine32

    Free Stickers

    Free stickers for those of you who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Follow the link. iServed Sticker Home
  8. Marine32

    IPEB Decision Came Back

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I just got a call notifying me of my official IPEB results. He attempted to fax me the results so I could agree/disagree with them, but I am home and my fax machine is not working. Anyway, the IPEB found me unfit to continue duty and placed me on the TDRL list with a...
  9. Marine32

    VA Fuzzy Math Calculator

    Ladies and Gents, We all know the VA has a confusing way of adding your rating percentages together; if I were to add my percentage together through normal means, I would have about a 150% rating, but that's not the case. I found this rating calculator (excel spreadsheet) on the internet and...
  10. Marine32

    Rating criteria for stroke

    Jason, I'm confused on how the DOD would rate based on conditions caused by a stroke. I don't see anywhere in the VASRD where it mentions stroke. Mainly, I still have fine motor skill issues on the right side, minimal tremors, and fatigue issues caused from my stroke; I can't even write...
  11. Marine32

    Article from the white house on concurrent receipt

    This link is to an article through Marine Corps Times on the new proposals for concurrent receipt. Expansion of concurrent receipt proposed - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times
  12. Marine32

    TDRL Pay

    I just read a article that stated TDRL pay was calculated according to your last month of basic pay. I was under the assumption that TDRL pay was calculated using the average amount of the HIGHEST 36 months of basic pay... just like PDRL or ordinary retirement (if you...
  13. Marine32

    Aural Migranes

    I know this is a little of topic, but I read somewhere in this forum that people may have aural migranes, so I want to share my experience with you. About 8 or 9 years ago I began having aural migranes. It just all of a sudden popped up. I would see flashes and they would be followed by...
  14. Marine32


    Hello to all, First off, I would like to thank Jason for creating this site... you are an extraordinary person who is very helpful to others. My name is John and I am a Marine SSgt who has been in for about 12 years now. I am on the site because I have just begun to go through the MEB/PEB...
  15. Marine32

    Advice on what to expect

    Hello to all, First off, I would like to thank Jason for creating this site as it is an excellent source for those of us experiencing the MEB/PEB process. I am an active duty E-6 in the Marine Corps currently stationed in a remote location (Johnstown, Pa), so most of my medical issues have...
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