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    DOD ptsd review?

    A little background: I was medically discharged from the Army in Feb '12. My meb was for lower back issues and was rated at 10%. I have a combined rating from the VA of 90%. I received a 50% rating from the VA for ptsd(anxiety and insomnia). I received a letter in the mail from the Department...
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    Question on Severance refund w2

    Ok, a little back ground. I was medically discharged in Feb '12 from active army. I received my severance pay in March '12. I met the criterita to receive a severance pay tax refund and received the refund in May '12. I checked mypay today to review my w2. Under Income is show $7x,xxx but in...
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    Called VA today

    I called VA today about my rating. The guy on the phone said that proposed ratings were sent out and returned on 18Oct for changes. Then updated rating were sent out today for secondary approval. Is this bad? And who is the secodary approval people? PED?
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    Tripler IDES Timeline

    So far here is my timeline. 22 Feb 11- notified of MEB 28 Feb 11- Phase 1 MEB brief 10 Mar 11- Appt with MEB DR. 22 Apr 11- VA Appt 10-17 May 11- All VA appt completed. 11 Jun 11- VA sent packet back to PEBLO 03 Aug 11- First Narsum appt. 30 Aug 11- Signed Narsum 28 Sep 11- PEB receives packet...
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    Status of MEB?

    Is there a way to find out the status of your MEB other that talking to a peblo? My narsum was sent up about 5 weeks ago and my peblo told me she hasn't heard anything. I just want to know if they even received it or if I'm fit/unfit. My buddy's narsum was sent up at the begining of Aug and he...
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    Severance Pay tax info

    Don't know if this has been posted, but I always see the question asked so I'll post it up anyways. INFORMATION PAPER 5 Jan 11 SUBJECT: Disability SeverancePay Tax Refund/Issues 1.Purpose. To inform disabled Soldiers, separated withseverance pay, of possible tax refunds. 2. Under the...
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    IDES/VA EBenefits?

    I'm going through the IDES system right now. Narsum was sent up 30Aug11. My question is, when VA starts reviewing my claim after the PEB finds me unfit, will it update on the EBenefits website under the claim status? Or does it take awhile (weeks) to update? Thanks
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    SSDI got denied

    Well my SSDI got denied (first time). Does anyone know a good law firm that deals with SSDI appeals?
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    Got a call from Social Security

    I filed my claim for SSDI in May for my back. They call in the middle of June to see if I could get my medical records. They said it would be faster that way since they hadn't recieved them from the Army yet. So I turned in my records. Today I get another call from them (ssa) asking if I've...
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