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    New Claim after Separation

    My sleep study was done after separation.
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    New Claim after Separation

    Good afternoon, I've been looking into opening a new claim, but want to get some insight before doing so. I am rated at 100%. My primary care team at the VA wanted to get me tested for sleep apnea. I got a CPAP. Would filing a new claim jeopardize my current VA rating? I don't want to get over...
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    DA 199 in hand, but need advice

    I actually got it resolved. I ended up filing for a FPEB and submitting a letter describing my injury and what happened. My buddy typed one for me too. They added combat injury without even flying me out.
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    Finally done! Veteran status!

    Finally done! Veteran status!
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    Last paycheck

    Do DFAS issue a last LES for the breakdown of the last entitlements/debts? I filed a claim through DFAS for taking my CIF debt out my check when I paid it in cash. Its easy to take money, but a pain to get it back. Do the myPay stay active after the last day in the military?
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    VA Payment

    I'm actually coming out better selling my leave and starting my VA Comp.
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    VA Payment

    No you didn't confuse me. Thats what I thought. I'm like 4 days away from being done and started second guessing my decision. I had someone telling me to take terminal leave and not sell it back and they made it sound as if once I sign out from the Army, my VA would begin to process.
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    VA Payment

    QUICK QUESTION. When leaving active duty army, does the VA comp start date begin 1 day after your last day of active duty (Final Out day) or 1 day after finishing terminal leave?
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    Can Commanders letter be problamatic?

    I started my MEB in November last year. My commander just screwed me when he wrote his part of my NARSUM. Basically said my ailment didn't affect my duty as a soldier. I got less than a week til terminal leave!
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    I finally got PDA to finish up my case last week. I went to my ombudsman and she helped, but the PDA kept giving excuses. I told my ombudsman I appreciated the help, but I'm about to lose my civilian job so I'm going higher. Not sure if that help or I happened to be next in line, but I hit...
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    What did you do you "fight the system"? I contacted my installation's ombudsman to expedite my case due to my job start date being a few weeks away. To get orders in a day of signing your da199 is amazing.
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    About to sign 199. Thinking of appealing

    Fight for what you believe you should get. I appealed 2 stages of my med board. Overall, I am satisfied with what I received. My appeal to the PEB only took about three weeks due to the board doing a reconsideration without me traveling to them.
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    So close......but yet, so far!

    So close......but yet, so far!
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    PDA Request

    Man, that's terrible. I'm sure an expedite won't be that quick either, but I at least need to see if it's anything I can do. I have a few weeks until my start date.
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    PDA Request

    Is it possible to have my case expedited due to a job offering? I was being proactive during my medboard and landed a job. I am coming really close to my start date. There aren't many jobs in the area I am qualified for AND can work with my disabilities, so I am counting on this particular one...
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    Just curious....

    My rating were completed on April 14th (Friday) and my PEBLO told me my VA ratings that following Monday morning. It took 17 days after the PEB found me unfit and sent my packet. Then another 11 days to get my DA 199 from the PEB.
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    Waiting on FPEB

    My PEB recommended me requesting a formal board because I disagreed with the IPEB saying my rated condition wasn't combat related. The lawyer said that personal and buddy letters may help my case. Is it normally a tough battle to prove a condition was caused by combat? I don't see the need to...
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    VA Findings Questions

    For me, it took exactly 2 weeks to get my PEB findings once the VA finished rating me. The VA completed the ratings on April 14th and my PEBLO called me on April 28th. The problem with the AKO tracker is that it isn't updated as soon as a step is completed. I was stuck on the IPEB step for...
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    Severance pay and disability payment

    If you are given severance pay, you will have to pay it back. VA will deduct it from your monthly compensation until it is paid back. If your DoD unfitting condition is COMBAT related, then you will not have to pay the severance back. The file I attached is dated 2014, but it is on
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    Paying back severance question

    I submitted orders and my PHA was included in the packet. My treatment didnt start until a year after redeployment. My doctor kept saying nothing was wrong.
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