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  1. theoot

    Time frame for VA disability pay via IDES

    So I'm in the single digits now, and I'm wondering how long the time frame is for persons to get their first VA check after their medical retirement date. I'm being placed on TDRL on the 28th of May, and I've been found 80% by the VA for the IDES process. So is there anything else I need to do...
  2. theoot

    Are Chapter 61 Retirees eligible for SBP(Survivor Benifits Plan)?

    I have 6 working days left before terminal and must elect this coverage prior to retiring, but I can't seem to get any answer on if a medical retiree is eligible for it. Anyone have an answer?
  3. theoot

    Important information about PLD

    So I got my results of 80% from the VA. I had close to 18 years, but the Navy rating was only 30%. I figured with the possible changes of CRDP in the future it would be in my best interest to get this bumped up before I accepted my findings as required to request PLD. So I requested they...
  4. theoot

    Need sample CO endorsement letter for permanent limited duty request ASAP!

    I'm putting in my request for PLD, I already have the letter from 1850.4E enclosure 6, and I'm requesting it to reach 20 years. I'm over 18 years but I was rated 30% by the Navy and 80% by the VA. I would really like to make it to my 20 year point, so I'm getting my package together. The CO...
  5. theoot

    Should residuals be counted with the disqualifying condition

    I recently got my results from the IPEB. My confusion lies in the 30% rating given by the Navy. I have MS and the minimum rating is 30%, but the confusion comes from residuals that are attributed to MS not counted by the Navy, because the VA classified them as non disqualifying. If the...
  6. theoot

    NAS Jax Timeline for MS

    I got the results on Thursday by phone, but I will officially recieve them today. This is how my timeline has gone thus far; November 2009 Initial attack of MS Jan 2010 Placed on first period of LIMDU July 2010 Second Period also recieved secondary diagnosis for Talor OCD (joint fusion) in...
  7. theoot

    Is DC affected by recent events?

    Anyone know if DC is operating as normal giving the earthquake and pending huricane? Just wondering if this will delay the process of the IPEB.
  8. theoot

    Anyone ever requested Permenant Limited Duty?

    Back story here, I have MS and my PEB was sent off the begining of this month. I have 17 years and 8 months currently, and though I am limited, I have been working as the UPC and LIMDU coordinator for over a year now. The Command has written my NMA stating they want me for unconditional PLD...
  9. theoot

    PEB package sent, and questions about a VA error

    So I signed my package for the PEB yesterday. I'm being referred for the following 340 Multiple Sclerosis 780.79 Other Malaise and Fatigue 327.32Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Advance Sleep Type 296.22 Major depressive disorder, single episode (surprised by this one) 738.8 Right Talus...
  10. theoot

    What was your rating/findings for MS?

    Just asking anyone who has gotten a rating back to post what the rating was, and if you were found fit or unfit. The local Jag is telling me there is a possibility I may be found fit even though I have MS, just because my command says I do a good job sitting at a desk in the air conditioning...
  11. theoot

    Just got a New Jag at my command.

    So our new Jag arrived, and turns out her last command was D.C. as a Formal PEB Jag. I talked to her today, and she agreed to give me some insight next week on the process, as well as what things the board looks at. So if any one has any procedual questions you would like me to ask, let me...
  12. theoot

    PTS message dictaing seperation prior to DES completion for members who reach EAOS

    This is the message that many people have been discussing dictating seperation of individuals who reach their EAOS prior to the PEB accepting the package without PTS approval. I am just relaying the message itself, not the legality of the practice.
  13. theoot

    Navy Refrences regarding IDES, PEB, Manning etc

    Just thought I would post links to refrences regarding the above mentioned items. These have been invaluable in my fights with various entities in this process. MILPERS DOD directive regarding seperation for...
  14. theoot

    Maximum VA rating and still be considered employable?

    So as I am going through my VA appointments, I have been given 3 conditions I know of so far that have minimum ratings of 50%, 30%, and 10%. So a combined rating somewhere around 70%. My question is I was told that if you get above 75% you can no longer work and still recieve benifits. I have...
  15. theoot

    Sleep Aphnea and CPAP monitoring by the VA

    So I found this to be interesting. In the IDES process I was diagnosed with sleep aphnea, requiring a pressure of 13 psi. When the lady delivered my machine, she pointed out that it had an SD card, and that the VA would be downloading these cards in the future to verify that people are using...
  16. theoot

    IDES and EAOS

    So my situation is I have 17 years 4 months. I am an E7 and my EAOS is in July. I was finally given a diagnosis of MS a week ago and started the IDES process that day. I am pushing as best I can, but I don't see any way I can have a PEB submitted to Washington by my EAOS. Based on a recent...
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