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  1. fdmckeever

    New Decade and New Year

    Best wishes to all members and visitors for a Happy New Year and new decade which will bring proper recognition and treatment to service members enduring the MEB/PEB process. I wish you health and peace this New Year and thank you for your service. And a special thanks to Jason for his...
  2. fdmckeever


    I want to wish all members and visitors to this forum a Happy Thanksgiving and offer my thanks to the service each of you has offered for our Nation. My sincerest thanks goes to Jason for his enormous commitment to this website and to to the benefits it delivers to all of us. Lastly I offer my...
  3. fdmckeever

    4th of July

    Best wishes to all servicemen and women and their families for a happy, safe and enjoyable holiday. I applaude your dedicated service to our country and know your efforts are as meaningful as those of the patriots who adopted our Delaration of Independence. God bless you all. fdm
  4. fdmckeever


    I want to wish all of you a wonderful and happy holiday season wherever you are and peace and good health in the New Year. I save this poem a few years ago and find it moving.. It is "A Different Christmas Poem" if this link doesn't connect. fdm
  5. fdmckeever


    I want to take a moment to wish all members and visitors to the forum a Happy Thanksgiving and extend my appreciation to every members service and participation in the forum. I myself have much to be thankful for and my blessings are many. And a prayer for safety and blessings to all those in...
  6. fdmckeever

    New to the TDRL process

    How long after your discharged can you wait to apply at the VA? I was discharged in Sept 2007 just recently found out about TDRL. I was ELS from bootcamp w RE3P and seeking to try to get a fit for duty. Any help would be great thanks.
  7. fdmckeever

    VA Workload data

    The following link will take you to the VA home page. This link shows the VA workloads by geographic area and office. Some interesting data. D
  8. fdmckeever

    VA program information

    I came across this resource that has some good information. U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs Anyone interacting with the VA may find it useful. D
  9. fdmckeever


    I found this story regarding problems with 214's. Scary but once again goes to the heart of the problem, civilian contractors with no quality control. The Buffalo News: Home: Thousands of veterans lose health benefits because of paperwork errors
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