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  1. theoot

    NAS Jax Timeline for MS

    Update. November 2011 appealed Navy rating Jan 2012 appeal denied case finalized/In correctly submitted PLD request (should have been done in November) Feb 2012 Retirement message recieved stating April 28th Feb 2012 due to confusion over PLD requested and granted Seperation adjustment to 28...
  2. theoot

    Time frame for VA disability pay via IDES

    So I'm in the single digits now, and I'm wondering how long the time frame is for persons to get their first VA check after their medical retirement date. I'm being placed on TDRL on the 28th of May, and I've been found 80% by the VA for the IDES process. So is there anything else I need to do...
  3. theoot

    Are Chapter 61 Retirees eligible for SBP(Survivor Benifits Plan)?

    No only 80%. Sad part is I have asked the VA rep here, PSD, on the seps people and none of them could answer this.
  4. theoot

    Are Chapter 61 Retirees eligible for SBP(Survivor Benifits Plan)?

    I have 6 working days left before terminal and must elect this coverage prior to retiring, but I can't seem to get any answer on if a medical retiree is eligible for it. Anyone have an answer?
  5. theoot

    Important information about PLD

    So I got my results of 80% from the VA. I had close to 18 years, but the Navy rating was only 30%. I figured with the possible changes of CRDP in the future it would be in my best interest to get this bumped up before I accepted my findings as required to request PLD. So I requested they...
  6. theoot

    Need sample CO endorsement letter for permanent limited duty request ASAP!

    I'm putting in my request for PLD, I already have the letter from 1850.4E enclosure 6, and I'm requesting it to reach 20 years. I'm over 18 years but I was rated 30% by the Navy and 80% by the VA. I would really like to make it to my 20 year point, so I'm getting my package together. The CO...
  7. theoot

    New Directive Type Memo on Integrated DES

    FYI the new MILPERS instruction approved Jul 2011 states you can now request retirement while on LIMDU. Once the PEB is started you cannot. This is a change as you were not allowed to put in a retirement request while on LIMDU previously. I have seen 4 persons who have done this and are...
  8. theoot


    Sec. 527 PROHIBITION ON DENIAL REENLISTMENT FOR UNSUITABILITY AFTER PEB FIT FINDI Not to be a doomsayer, but this doesn't seem to prevent them from seperating you based on needs of the service. I.E. you are no longer qualified to be a submarine mechanic. You need to submit a request for a...
  9. theoot

    What was your rating/findings for MS?

    I got my finalized results back. No change upon appeal for residuals. I have one last shot to request PLD to make it to 20, so I'm sure I will know something in the next two months about the be all end all. The TDRL is based on MS being a dynamic condition. What was explained to me was they...
  10. theoot

    Navy Refrences regarding IDES, PEB, Manning etc

    This is the refrence for the DES pilot program, the initial implementation of the IDES program.
  11. theoot

    Proposed Cutbacks on TRICARE Benefits for Military Retirees

    The real problem is <25% of members from the house and senate have any military service, the lowest level since pre WW1. I think we should change that and maybe we will get leaders, not politicians. Sorry, I'm done ranting. I also have no idea what I did to the font.
  12. theoot

    Should residuals be counted with the disqualifying condition

    No the related conditions were both cat 3.
  13. theoot

    Should residuals be counted with the disqualifying condition

    I recently got my results from the IPEB. My confusion lies in the 30% rating given by the Navy. I have MS and the minimum rating is 30%, but the confusion comes from residuals that are attributed to MS not counted by the Navy, because the VA classified them as non disqualifying. If the...
  14. theoot

    What was your rating/findings for MS?

    My break down was the 30% for MS from the Navy. What I don't get is I have multiple rated conditions by the VA that are specifically called out as caused by the MS. Wouldn't this mean the MS rating should be higher due to residuals? My other ratings are 50% Sleep aphnea caused by MS 30% MS...
  15. theoot

    NAS Jax Timeline for MS

    I got the results on Thursday by phone, but I will officially recieve them today. This is how my timeline has gone thus far; November 2009 Initial attack of MS Jan 2010 Placed on first period of LIMDU July 2010 Second Period also recieved secondary diagnosis for Talor OCD (joint fusion) in...
  16. theoot

    What was your rating/findings for MS?

    I got my IPEB ratings on Friday. 87 days from acceptance to findings. I was rated 30% by the Navy and 80% by the VA. I don't know the break down yet as I'm going to review everything this morning. I'm so close to 18 years though, so it's a bitter sweet feeling. I'm glad to have the...
  17. theoot

    Retire with higher of years-of-service --OR-- disability percentage

    I'm not sure of your situation, but why not take the LOS retirement and apply for concurent reciept? Then you can get both. I mean at 60% thats a pretty healthy add.
  18. theoot

    Degenerative Disc Disease and Sanctuary Question

    First the change to the MIPERS manual in June states if you are to seperated (meaning not retired) medically and you are over 18, they will find you fit to facilitate retirement. This applies only to >18 years and not rated for a medical retirement. Now if you are rated >30% they can medically...
  19. theoot

    New to LIMDU need help

    Yes definitely ask for surgery if the PT isn't helping. 105 is the ACC code the navy uses to identify your status. 105=Limdu, 100=Fully assignable, etc. They have them for pregnant, school, retired. Just an admin tool. Also means that pers 403 is tracking you now. Now the hard one. As the...
  20. theoot

    PDBR Results - Not Good - Received Today

    James so are they giving you 30% rating fromt he Navy? Did you get a rating from the VA? Let me know and feel free to contact me via Facebook. I'm pretty sure you know who this is.
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