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    New Claim after Separation

    Good afternoon, I've been looking into opening a new claim, but want to get some insight before doing so. I am rated at 100%. My primary care team at the VA wanted to get me tested for sleep apnea. I got a CPAP. Would filing a new claim jeopardize my current VA rating? I don't want to get over...
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    VA Payment

    QUICK QUESTION. When leaving active duty army, does the VA comp start date begin 1 day after your last day of active duty (Final Out day) or 1 day after finishing terminal leave?
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    PDA Request

    Is it possible to have my case expedited due to a job offering? I was being proactive during my medboard and landed a job. I am coming really close to my start date. There aren't many jobs in the area I am qualified for AND can work with my disabilities, so I am counting on this particular one...
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    Waiting on FPEB

    My PEB recommended me requesting a formal board because I disagreed with the IPEB saying my rated condition wasn't combat related. The lawyer said that personal and buddy letters may help my case. Is it normally a tough battle to prove a condition was caused by combat? I don't see the need to...
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    DA 199 in hand, but need advice

    I got my DA 199 today and I knew I wasn't going to get med retired. As my PEBLO was reading through my results, she said my claim was not found combat related. I turned in my orders, deployment awards, and had stated my back issues during the Post Deployment Assessment before seeking medical...
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    Proposed Ratings

    Today, I was faxed my proposed VA ratings. The VA proposed a collective percentage of a 100%, but when I calculated my individual percentages, they totaled roughly 92%. Is this possible or an error with the VA? Also, I feel like I want to dispute a rating (bilateral flat feet) that should of...
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    New VA Claim on Ebennie

    How's everyone? I had some movement on Ebenefits and Vets today. First, my original compensation claim had moved from preparation for decision to gathering evidence. At the same time, a new claim was added with 3/29/2017 as the date (date submitted to VA for ratings). The new claim is closed. So...
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    Receiving VA comp while working for the VA

    I saw a job position at my local VA center and applied. How would working for the VA and being rated by the VA work? It seems like a conflict. For instance: If I was rated for depressive disorder and I'm always happy at work, could the VA change ratings or investigate me?
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    Contacting the PEB

    I read on another forum about servicemembers calling directly to the PEB to check the status of their claim. That situation was dealing with the Navy. Is there any contact information available for Army personnel to contact the PEB in Texas? I've tried Googling for numbers, but no answers.
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    Anyone ever clicked the "request claim decision" on ebenefits or Does it work for people medboarding?
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    Unfit Memo

    Im currently on the PEB step. My peblo told me that the PEB sent my packet for VA ratings on 22FEB. Well, I got an email from VA today that they sent my proposed ratings to the PEB 24FEB. Wasn't I suppose to be found unfit before moving to the VA? My peblo told me that they haven't sent an unfit...
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    DoD Ratings

    I am currently waiting on DVA to rate my disabilities. I have a few concerns about DOD ratings. I was diagnosed with PTSD, but the Army says it meets retention standards, so no DOD ratings for that. I tried fighting it, but it got me no where. Why wouldn't the Army rate PTSD? I would like to at...
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    How does VA rate PTSD

    I received my C&P results and the doctor typed in word for word the same wording used by the VA to rate PTSD. Does that mean I will get the rating? For example: This is one percentage group for PTSD. 50% rating:Some impairment in ability to function socially and at work with lack of...
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    FT Gordon Timeline

    Has anyone recently went through a medboard at Fort Gordon? My case seemed to have been moving smoothly and now I'm patiently waiting on my Narsum. My anxiety is getting the best of me.
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