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    Degenerative Arthritis of the Lumbar Spine

    My MEB/PEB rated me at 10% for Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine. After a proper ROM measurement, they upgraded that to 20%. The VA has gone back and forth from 20% to 40% to 20%, depending apparently on the phase of the moon. The biggest issue I have had with exams has been a proper ROM...
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    SSDI non-medical review

    If you create an account at, you can see your earnings history and potentially be able to get a benefits letter generated from the site that says whether you qualify for SSDI, and what your estimated monthly benefits for could be. This lets you know the non-medical qualifications...
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    I need help.

    It can take months to get a ruling letter. The waiting is stressful, but there isn't much that can be done about it. Calling the SSA doesn't get you any information you don't already know (i.e. there's nothing yet, here's the date of your last hearing, they're working on it, you just have to...
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    10 day response time?

    Every packet I got with paperwork (function report, mental health, whatever) said that the case could be dismissed if the paperwork wasn't replied to within 10 days. I never wanted to stress test them on how literally they took that timeline, so I tried my best to get it all filled out within...
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    Fabvorable Notification

    After my favorable letter, I called SSA and was told there's a 60 day allowance for processing the award and establishing pay and backpay. My backpay and payment came within 45 days of the award letter. It was worth calling ahead and establishing direct deposit, otherwise payments (even a...
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    Apply for SSDI now or wait until I have my ratings?

    The law varies from State to State (which Circuit Court of Appeals you fall under) in what degree a VA rating should count toward an SSDI rating, but even if you apply now, you can always send record updates to help your case. I was continually sending updated medical records for two years...
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    SSDI non-medical review

    You can call them at 1-800-772-1213 and ask, the wait time might be a PITA, but any time I've called the employee has been as helpful as possible looking up any information on my file, and giving me any answers I have questions to. My guess is, the non-medical portion may simply be the points...
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    Weird VA Rep Statement. Anyone Else Hear Anything?

    I don't recall ever hearing this before, so maybe someone can enlighten me. If someone has over 20 years in, and retires, then goes through the VA system to get disability -- if they get rated between 10-40%, they don't get a chance to wave that portion of their taxable DOD pay for non-taxable...
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    va compensation and offset. help!!!

    For myself, at 40% medical retirement, it was a choice of either the DOD pay, or the VA pay, but not both. But I didn't have over 20 years in, and I didn't have any combat related injuries.
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    Back Home!

    Oh wow. It sure looks beautiful down there! :D
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    H.R. 4667 (COLA Adjustment) | And the HOAX

    Been reading around, it looks like there's talk of freezing active duty pay for the next three years too. Belt tightening all around.
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    Picture of my old unit in action

    That is a really cool picture. If you see it in the original size, it's more than large enough for a desktop wallpaper or something too. :D
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    H.R. 4667 (COLA Adjustment) | And the HOAX

    Is there a disabilities compensation rate out yet for 2011? I can't seem to find an official one anywhere.
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    This is sad, both for hearing about his health and about the site. At the moment, I can't even get his site to load; this news may have led to such traffic that it's temporary overloaded the server. Just goes to show how valuable a contribution he was.
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    SOOO Angry!

    I don't recall hearing about having to wait six months after surgery before an MEB could be started. Hopefully this gets worked out for you with a quickness!
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    Does the command master chief have anything to do with a medical evaluation board?

    Does the command master chief have anything to do with a medical evaluation board My CMC had absolutely nothing to do with my MEB. While your CMC may want to send you to another doctor, I don't know how he or she would be able to do that.
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    TDRL ID card clarification

    I'll throw in with the rest here. On TDRL you get the blue ID. My ID office and separations office were right next door to each other, so the second I got my DD-214 I walked over to the ID office and got mine.
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    Potential Outcomes for PEB

    It would be really interesting to hear what excuse they could come up with to justify that it isn't illegal. And not a good kind of interesting.
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    BUPERS Six Months Behind Schedule

    I called BUPERS again the other day, and spoke with the one woman who seems to be in charge of handling all the TDRL packets, and she's said that everything is about six months behind schedule right now. If you've been waiting for your evals, or are holding off on doing anything expecting your...
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