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    FIT results timeline(NAVY)

    PEB submitted on 3NOV2010. Board convened on 16NOV2010. Received the results 26NOV2010 by certified mail
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    Navy TDRL/PEB question

    I left this part out, I am currently on TDRL. Thanks again!
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    Navy TDRL/PEB question

    I just had my first 18 month eval 12 days ago, and I have a TON of questions. I have tried searching through the other threads, but I can not find the answers. 1) Does the PEB typically go with the re eval doctor's recommendation? 2) Will the PEB call, fax, email, or snail mail the PEB...
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    Results just in from firs TRDL PEB

    A couple of questions: Did the PEB call you first? The reason I am asking is that I just had my first 18 month eval 12 days ago and I am not sure if they have my correct address. I have been leaving messages and emailing my correct address, but have not had a response yet. Also, was your...
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