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    Ken Mayhue

    Who is this 'Ken Mayhue' that I was told to contact by the PEB in order to get my retirement orders? And why is it so hard to contact him?
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    Frustration building..

    Hey all, I'm currently getting very frustrated with this process. I've signed my findings and everything and I'm currently waiting on my retirement orders. The Chiefs at the PEB gave me an index number to give to a Mr. Ken Mayhue, so that he can send my orders in 24-48 hours. HOWEVER, I've...
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    Command Notification

    So I signed my findings on 23JAN and requested a date of 28FEB, due to school starting on 06MAR & my apartment move-in date being 03MAR. I have two questions. P.S. I am Navy. 1. When can I expect my TDRL notification orders to come through command message traffic? 2. When my notification...
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    My findings finally came back. This has been such a long process, I thought I'd never be done! 60% DOD / 80% VA TDRL!
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    VA faxed proposed ratings!

    So today the VA finally faxed me my proposed ratings. Total combined rating is 80%! When I attempted to rate myself, I thought 60% at best so I'm very pleased with the VA ratings. The VA rated the condition I was sent to PEB for (Asthma) at 60%, does this mean I will be rated at 60% DOD?
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    Hey all, just have a general question that I hope someone can answer. So I called the VA today to check the status of my claim. The VA Rep on the phone told me that they need my DD214 and couldn't verify my branch of service. I then went on eBenefits and saw that my claim that was submitted on...
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    PEB QA Phase

    I called the Washington DC PEB and was told that my package was currently in the "QA Phase". When I asked what my Fit/Unfit decision was, I was told that it looked like I was found unfit but he wasn't sure. He then told me that if I wanted to know for sure, to have my PEBLO call the PEB QA to...
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    How exactly does the IPEB work when making a Fit/Unfit decision? I know that there are 3 officers on the board. Does the fact that my case is currently on the third and final officer's desk mean that the first two were spilt in their decisions?
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    How long?

    Hello all, My package was sent to the PEB on October 26th. I'm just wondering if it's normal for it to take this long for me to get an unfit or fit decision. I've called the VA and they said they don't have anything in their system but also noted that it takes two weeks to process anything from...
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