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    Question about TAD/Terminal

    I am currently TAD to a HQ Co within the Regiment that my BN falls under. I was told yesterday by a friend that I cannot EAS/go on terminal if I am on TAD orders, and that I would have to have my TAD orders canceled, and be sent back to my BN in order to go on terminal. I go on Terminal next...
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    Separation code question

    I got my separation orders, and on them it has my separation code as "JEA2". I'm trying to figure out what exactly that means in the grand scheme of my separation. Ratings were 10% DOD, 60% VA.
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    Help calculating severance.

    I was found unfit at 10% DOD for a knee injury. The VA also rated me at 10% for the same injury, but assigned a 60% combined rating. The injury was deemed "combat related" and "incurred in the line of duty" during a "simulation of war". This was in the US, not overseas. Questions: 1. Will my...
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    Separation pay question

    What is the exact formula for calculating severance pay? Also, I am under the impression that severance is calculated a couple different ways with a couple different sets of criteria. 1. Regular severance is calculated at a minimum of 3 years (even if you have served less than 3 years) 2...
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    Exec Sec phase of PEB.

    Got a call from the *Navy/MC* PEB today due to my case having some kind of issue (bouncing around in post-va...I've been calling, and receiving calls). I was told everything was back on track, and that my package was "on the desk" of the Executive Secretary or "Exec Sec". From the limited amount...
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    Help needed.

    I have called my civilian PEBLO, my Military PEBLO, and the PEB. I am pretty lost right now. Civ PEBLO says that my package is still in post VA phase. Going on 8 weeks there now. He says to call the mil PEBLO to get a more accurate estimate of completion for findings. Mil PEBLO has nothing for...
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    A quick question about terminal and PTAD

    My package was sent back from the VA to the PEB almost 2 months ago, so I should be getting/signing my findings any day now. I have about 40 days of leave, and am under the impression that I will rate PTAD as well. What do I need to do/say to ensure that I am able to use all of those days? I...
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    VA sent out my proposed ratings. How much longer?

    So, I've been sitting in preparation for decision for a couple months now. I called the VA because my completion dates (I know these mean nothing) got pushed back several months. They said that they mailed out my proposed ratings to me last week, and they should be here soon. I also now have a...
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    Dependents added to claim?

    What does it mean if dependency claims have been added to your ebenefits claim? My wife and son were added to my claim status, which has said "pending decision approval" for a month. I don't have anything in historical claims. The PEB, and my PEBLO say that they received my stuff back from the...
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    Narsum cover sheet

    I have seen where people will say that they have found a fit/unfit determination on their NARSUM, and more specifically the cover sheet. I'm kind of illiterate when it come to this, and would like some help. Thank you.
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    Can anyone help me with my C&P and NARSUM reports?

    I've had my reports for a while, and I have a ton of questions. I've posted in this forum twice with no response, and I'm really just needing some help. I can provide any information that may be needed.
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    Ebenefits says pending approval, PEB only a month old...

    So, my package got sent up like a month ago, and Ebenefits says "pending decision approval". Called the Peblo and he says that it shows up as still being at the PEB. I've been told that the VA will not advance your claim in Ebenefits unless you're found unfit. Not sure how true that is.. Any...
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    Need help decyphering report for knee injury

    I'm trying to figure out my approximate rating for a knee injury. I had a knee scope, and physical therapy for a "patella chondral defect". Have gone through all the appointments and whatnot. I'm just trying to decypher my ROM tests to see what that translates to on the rating scale. Really...
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