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    Is there any help when retired?

    Just wondering if there was any help in securing housing or with getting into a house when you get out for PDRL 60%Dod 100%VA. I’ve had to spend so much money the last 3 months in getting my son and daughter back home before we did because we didn’t renew our lease and have been staying in a...
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    So my Findings came back 100%Va 60% DOD
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    Help just was told my QA had something new

    I just called the meb after my package came back from the va and the guy said he has never seen it but there was something new from today and it said it was suspense can anyone tell me what that means?
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    Question on what this means on EBENNIFITS

    Just wondering what this means, kinda confused on what it means and what part of the process is next. Thank you in advance. also if I may add, why is there two historical claims, With one day apart?
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    Is there any benefit for service dogs?

    I’m active still was found unfit and it was sent to the VA. Was wondering when i get out does the VA have anything for my service dog? I was given him by the Navy
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    Package was done at DOD in less then a week

    So idk what this means but my med board package was sent up (navy) and was done at the DOD in less then a full working week. I called them and they said it was already at the VA and that I have about a month left. Does that mean I was found unfit?
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    Military doctors who i have been seeing for over a year say Severe PTSD VA C&P doc says not PTSD??

    So i have my Military doctors who say Tbi and serve PTSD among other things ie Ankylosing spondylitis also taking humeria, post traumatic headache syndrome, post concussion syndrome, transit alteration of awareness, chronic lower back pain, cervicalgia, intervertebral disc degeneration...
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    HELP freaking out...

    I just got referred and started the process for MEB/PEB and idk why but i am nervous as shit. I mean I’m scared because I’ve heard horror stories. Without going into to much detail the conditions going to the board not the va claim is Mild Tbi,Transit altered of awareness,post traumatic...
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