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    Finally went Historical.

    Here is my timeline to date, it is also in my signature line. -Referred for MEB/PEB-June 6th -First claim opens in ebennefits-June 23rd Estimated Date 4/10/17 to 10/10/17 Gathering of Evidence -Completed C&P Exams-July 21st -Signed NARSUM-August 24st -IPEB accepted NARSUM-August 29th -Found...
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    How long until ratings?

    Referred for MEB/PEB-June 6th Completed C&P Exams-July 21st Signed NARSUM-August 24st IPEB accepted NARSUM-August 29th Informally told "unfit" by PEBLO-October 12th I was told that I was found unfit by the board on September 27th by PEBLO, when I called on October 12th. The PEBLO told me it...
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