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    Another ‘When Do I Get Paid’ Question

    Happy New Year all! My retirement orders said 27NOV19 at 0000. 50DoD/100%VA I had 24 years, Med boarded out. Cant reach anyone at VA. Thanks for any help.
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    Calling Any PEB Convening Experts......Help

    Friends, Before my PEBLO sent everything off to the PEB, she added two additional conditions to the existing six conditions I have with the endorsement of the MED Board Members. These two additional conditions were approved by the MED board members (physicians) and incorporated into my PEB...
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    New DBQ v. Expert Opinion. Is there a difference?

    Hi Everyone, I had several non-IDES issues - deem, urology, shoulder. The GP who did my C&P exam was awful - old story here. My lawyer told me to get a new DBQ for urology, which I did. Two questions: 1. Does the new DBQ refute the old DBQ done by the VA C&P examiner? 2. Do I still need an...
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    Thoracolumbar DBQ Technical Question

    Hello Everyone, I am doing a one-time appeal for my back rating and was sent to a civilian spine physician. My spine physician called me about the Thoracolumbar DBQ (she has not done these before) and asked me about one particular section: Section VII - Functional Loss and Additional Limitation...
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    Date of VA Claim and Recent Changes to Scars. Which Date will they use?

    Hello, My initial VA claim was filed in June, 2018. There were several IDES referred conditions. One of the VA conditions was for Scars. I understand that the Scar Ratings were revised in September, 2018. Will my rating for Scars be based on the pre-September 2018 ratings or on the new ratings...
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    Mental Disorders DBQ - Can my civilian psychiatrist fill this out?

    Happy New Year All - especially to anyone reading this from the Middle East. Quick background: Navy IDES but NARSUM not yet submitted. QTC Contractor - PhD - Did My TBI/Cognitive Dysfunction/Depression Exam using the Initial Post Traumatic Stress Disorder DBQ QTC Contractor -MD Neurologist -...
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    TMD - Temporary or Permanent Rating Depending on?

    Hello everyone, Does the VA usually rate Temporomandibular Disorder as a temporary or permanent affliction? Many TMD cases resolve on their own over time. So my question is - does the VA usually rate TMD as a temporary condition? If so, what does that mean? Any insight or guidance much...
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    Loss of one Testicle/ED - ratable?

    Friends, This is somewhat of a follow up from a previous post of mine. I'm still on active duty. I had testicular surgery, right testicle did not get blood. Atrophied. Confirmed by Ultra sound and blood test (testosterone way low). My problem now - ED. Way worse! Hardly works at all. I've read...
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    My Rating With This Hearing Data. Is this right?

    From my Objective Findings on my C&P Exam: Pureton Thresholds in decibels: Right Ear: (Ave B-E) = 35 Left Ear: (Ave B-E) = 30 Speech Discrimination Score: Right Ear= 56% Left Ear= 54% I checked the VA tables and I think this is rated at 20%?? If you've done this before, does this look right...
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    Going Through Navy IDES. Where am I?

    Hello Forum Members. I am going through the IDES process. QTC Exams are back and with my PEBLO. He sent them to me. 1. What happens next? 2.Someone mentioned about a one-time appeal for an out of whack ROM. How does that work? What do I need to do? Thank you in advance.
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    Rating Question - Loss of one testicle & Chronic Epididymo-orchitis

    Good Morning, I looked up some good threads which covered this topic. But I still have a rating question if someone could please shed light. Hx: Bilateral chronic testicular pain. Well documented. Ultra Sound showed a epididymal cyst (right testicle) and hydrocele (left testicle). Cyst removed...
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    C&P Ophthalmology Exams are back: Lasik/Dry Eye/ and Tearing

    Hello Everyone, I've searched high and low for answers to these questions. My C&P exam results were: Diagnosis of: Dry Eye Syndrome, Arcus Senilis, and Pingueculla When I wake up, I have a film over my eyes that can last as long as an hour. Even from naps. My eyes will water and turn red for...
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    TBI, PTSD, Depression - Symptoms rated individually?

    Hi Everyone, I’m going through the Navy/IDES process. MED Board done. C&Ps done. Im reading as much as I can on this Forum, but perhaps someone could offer some assistance on this question: I was PEB’d for: 1).Lower Back Pain, Degenerative Disk Disease, Lumbar Spondylosis 2).Chronic Headaches...
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    C&P Exam Tomorrow. Any advice on ROM most appreciated.

    Colleagues - -My MEB conditions are: Low Back Pain, Lumbar Spondylosis, and Degenerative Disk Disease. Steroid injections for years, herniated discs, etc etc. -I went to a CP a few weeks ago. No words to describe it - complaint filed with QTC. -Out of the blue, QTC calls me with a new CP exam...
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    Melanoma, Skin Cancer, and Scars.

    Folks - first time posting. I'm going through the IDES process. Pretty lost. 23 years Navy. I've had three incidents of melanoma in-situ (hasn't spread) - legs and nose. All surgically removed. Am I right in understanding that I will just be rated for scars? I'm sure I wouldnt be rated for...
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