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    Hey everyone, I'm U.S. Army AD. This forum was very instrumental to me throughout the entire IDES process, so I figured that sharing my timeline may help answer someone's question(s) with regards to IDES/MEB/VA timeline and process. TIMELINE: 12/18/2018 - MEB initiated with three P3 profiles...
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    Rating for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) of Right Lower Extremity?

    Hey Guys, Please, I will need your help in explaining to me how this rating will be done. I was referred to MEB for CRPS of right lower extremity, and I just got my C&P exam report yesterday and here are the documented findings under the Peripheral Nerves Conditions: All my right lower...
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    Hey guys, I am not sure what to do with this information but has anyone here ever received an abnormal letter (see attached) from VES following a C&P exam. My questions are: Will this affect their finishing and submitting my C&P exam reports to the VA? What does this really mean? I finished my...
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    C&P Overlap: I was evaluated for the same condition by 2 different Examiners (so of the two, which C&P report will be considered valid)

    So I just wrapped up my C&P exams but something very fascinating happened. I was evaluated for migraine twice by both the General Medicine examiner (who is a general surgeon) and the TBI/Neuro examiner (who is a psychiatrist). The general medicine examiner should not have evaluated my migraine...
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    Is there any financial compensation from Army/DOD if rated above 50%?

    Does anyone know if I get any form of financial compensation from DOD/Army if I get rated 50% or more from DOD with less than 20 years of service? Thank you.
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    US ARMY HERE!! If I was referred to IDES/MEB for condition A but then was found to also be unfit for condition B (even though I was not referred to IDES/MEB for it), will CONDITION B be rated for DOD disability or can I only claim it for VA disability since it was a condition I was referred to...
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    Can I get two P3 profiles for two UNRELATED med boardable conditions?

    So, I was just referred to MEB by my Neurologist for refractory migraines but, at the same time, Pain Management Clinic, as well as my Orthopedic Surgeon, recommended to my PCM that I have also reached MRDP and should be referred to IDES for another health issue other than a migraine. SO MY...
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