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    E-mail PDA for an update?

    Has anyone emailed the PDA at the address below and asked for an update? More specifically, has contacting them helped? I signed my 199 on May 6, and I'm still waiting for my notification from Transitions. I realize that it's only been 2 weeks, but I was told this step would be quick and I'm...
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    My Ft. Campbell Timeline

    Figured I'd share my timeline: Referred to IDES: 24 NOV 2019 Met with PEBLO: 9 DEC 2019 Met with MSC: 15 JAN 2020 C&P Exams: 28 JAN-6 FEB 2020
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    Referred Condition(s)

    I was referred for MDD and GAD. When I met with my MSC last week and set up my C&P exams, she said I was only referred for MDD. I have a copy of the referral and know this isn't true. My MSC and PEBLO are acting like it's not big deal because I will just claim GAD separately. Is this...
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    C&P Exam

    I'm going in tomorrow to schedule my C&P exams. I've heard there's lots of paperwork I'll have to fill out beforehand detailing each condition I'm claiming. Anyone know the name of this paperwork? Can I find it online so I can start preparing what I'm going to write down before I go in?
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    Currently in MEB process, CoC is threatening reduction in rank for height/weight failure

    I just started the MEB process about 3 weeks ago and had my initial meeting with my PEBLO last week. My 1SG informed me today that there has been discussion of administratively reducing my rank to SPC (I'm a SGT) because my overweight appearance reflects poorly upon the NCO corps. I am...
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    Just referred for MEB

    I'm at Ft. Campbell. My PCM placed my IDES referral on 16 November. When should I be getting a call from IDES? I haven't heard anything or been contacted by anyone yet. Also, I was referred for MDD and GAD. Anyone have experience with going through the process with those conditions?
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