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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Thanks and best of luck hopefully you get the results you want
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    Peb phone number

    If you packet has been sent back from va and is at peb that is the only number I have and its navy peb. Try using the search engine for the site you may find something another number that helps.
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    Struggling to find DTAP

    I am not sure about DC and not sure how far you are willing to travel but they are held a lot at NMCP which is in Portsmouth Va maybe try there if you cant find anything closer. I took mine there and it was pretty informative. Hope this helps good luck
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Roger that !
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    I would consult your attorney to be sure of your options just to be sure. Best of luck either way.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    I am not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure the only conditions your can submit a VARR for are the ones that were considered unfitting by the PEB. If you want to submit for an increase for other VA claims I believe you have to submit for an increase after separation. I am not 100% on this I'm sure...
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Is the rating you are submitting the VARR one of your unfitting conditions?
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Awesome hope you get the findings you are expecting.
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    Concerned about VA pay

    I agree with Ron you compensation should began august, please keep us updated on your situation.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    From what was explained to me yes you will receive a min of 50% on TDRL. When you sit down to discuss this with your Peblo or lawyer they should explain it in detail for you. You will receive the retirement pay until your Va starts there are other circumstances where you can receive both but for...
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Thanks ...You receive at least 50% while on TDRL until they make a final decision at the end of 3 yr reevaluation period.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Not sure what happened on last message so just reposting my portion. (Good Information...and just an update on my case mine closed at va on 25 June I just received my ratings 17 July 30 percent DOD TDRL so 50% for now/ 100 Va met with attorney and signed on Monday. Now I'm just waiting on my...
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    I’ve had that happen to me before some time the site has issues not sure exactly why it happens but the next day it will reappear. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
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    Narsum. Need help understanding!

    Congrats quick question after you got your findings and signed how long did it take for your orders.
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Yea I called the PEB today they said it was done. Now imma just sit back see how long Peblo takes to let me know my results are in. Imma give him to Monday And Im sure they could use you as a rater.. especially someone been through the process.
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    compensation claim

    wow yea that is fast how many claims did you have( number wise) ? I wouldn't assume its bad until you receive your findings though.
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    Ratings Over 90 Days

    Mine took 90 days exactly unfortunately the timelines vary for ratings I've seen some processed less than 15 days some take 120 plus. Your Peblo is just giving you a generic timeline when they expect completion but in all honestly they have no way of knowing only thing you can do is inquire...
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    Fort Gordon 2018 Timeline

    Absolutely right about that
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