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    PDA Phone Number

    Does anyone know the PDA Phone number, the number I Have to Al isn't working.
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    Transitional Leave, ake it or sell it

    Good morning everyone, silly questions. So I signed my DA199 on 01MAY and had ratings of DOD 40% and VA 90% :) so medically retiring. I currently have 52 leave days and am stationed in Hawaii. My question is do I take all 52 leave day or do I just sell them back? Do you get COLA, BAH for Hawaii...
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    VA Benifits

    Good morning quick question for you all, today I checked my VA benefits site and it said "decision notification sent" under historical claims but then if you look under disabilities it says gathering evidence. I'm 21 days past my expected date for ratings. Anyone have experience with this before?
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    IDES Timeline

    Good Morning everyone, Wondering if anyone can help me. My PLEBO is useless, has misguided info since day 1. I already 170+ days in without ratings. My "Ratings" are three weeks past the estimated date. This Med Board has been a nightmare. Everything was fine until around the holidays. They had...
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