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    Formal Board

    I was found fit by the IPEB but I requested an IPEB reconsideration or formal board to be found unfit. Does anyone have any experience with being found fit and trying to get the results changed? What is the timeline for getting results from a formal board?
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    Fit Finding

    Has anyone who was found fit during the IPEB gone through the FPEB and found unfit?
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    Formal Board Asthma

    Hello, Has anyone with severe asthma been found fit and requested a formal board? If so, what was the outcome and what the process?
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    Fit for duty with Asthma

    Hello, I was recently placed on LIMDU for severe persistent asthma. I was wondering if anyone has been found fit for duty with severe asthma. I'm currently taking Symbicort, Albuterol (rescue-inhaler), zyrtec, singular, liquid albuterol to use with a nebulizer, and I just starting taking...
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