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    Separation and Taxes

    So I got my separations pay August 2014 and then put in paperwork for the recoup of taxes. I received my taxes back. Now my question, and sure many others, will I be required to pay taxes now? I got my DFAS W2 and there is no mention that I even received a separation from MEB/PEB discharge. Just...
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    Found Fit....?

    Today I was notified that I have been found fit by the board the packet was sent Monday May 13, 2013. When I sat with the PEBLO he stated that it was due to my Company Commanders NMA. Afterwards I spoke with the lawyer about my options and he reviewed the findings and said the same thing as the...
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    Admin Sep Advice/Help

    Heres the story: Im a Marine with 11 years in, Ive had several injuries and 3 Limited Duty(3 different reasons) status'. I hurt my back years ago and was told to work through the pain so I did what every motivator would do which is suck it up. In recent years it has worsened and so I sought...
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