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  1. Kontum6870

    Federal Court after ABCMR Appeal Denial

    I have seen cases at the Court of Federal Claims and Federal District/Appelate Courts. Do you have a preference? Do you have a WAG on amount of time required from date of filing? Thanks Jason.
  2. Kontum6870

    NVLSP - Timeline?

    I have submitted a request to the National Veterans Legal Services Program for help on an appeal to ABCMR. I submitted the application and uploaded the files the first week of February (2015). Has anyone been through this process? If so, how long before your first contact with an attorney? My...
  3. Kontum6870

    ABCMR Status

    I have checked my status at least once a day since my status said, "In Process," on 04/22/2014. This afternoon it changed to: Board Docket: The case is scheduled for a Board. You will be notified by mail of the Board results. Does anyone have a guess as to timeline?
  4. Kontum6870

    CADC decision Haselwander v. McHugh

    This is an 18-page feel good read. It does not relate to disability but does show how a higher court scolds the ABCMR.
  5. Kontum6870

    ABCMR Decisions

    I have been regularly checking the reading room for BCMR decision updates. It looks like all records after 2010 have been removed in Army and Air Force sections and Navy has added 2014 records. Anyone know what happened?
  6. Kontum6870

    What information is available to PEB?

    What service member's records are reviewed by the PEB in addition to the physical and write-up from physician? Do they have DD214 and/or service records to review?
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