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    My TIMELINE--21+ years E6

    MU completed 21+years. Today, I accepted my IPEB findings. **note: my NMA was not penned well at all and I had to jump through some hoops to make sure the board knew I didn't agree with the NMA (example: my command didn't ask me for any input not to mention several other inaccuracies). My duty...
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    Question: how likely am I to be found Presumed Fit?

    Hi, Oct 2019-Self referred to DAPA for alcohol use disorder (mild) Jan 2020-ATS therapist referred me to a (civilian) inpatient program for trauma Feb 23, 2020: Diagnosed with PTSD, chronic by a military licensed social worker April 23, 2020: diagnosed with PTSD, unspecified by military psych...
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