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  1. Jason Perry

    SECNAV M-1850.1 Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System Manual

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: SECNAV M-1850.1 Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System Manual - Navy DES Manual Read more about this resource...
  2. Jason Perry

    SECNAVINST 1850.4F

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: SECNAVINST 1850.4F - DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY DISABILITY EVALUATION SYSTEM Regulation Read more about this resource...
  3. Jason Perry

    Thank you, RonG!!

    Please join me in thanking RonG for his service as a moderator here at the PEB Forum!! Ron has requested to step back from serving as a moderator. He has been a great help to many folks here on the forum, but he has decided to step back from his service as a moderator. He had been considering...
  4. Jason Perry

    Welcome to new Moderator- Guardguy11

    I am pleased to announce the addition of Guardguy11 as a Moderator! Please join me welcoming Guardguy11 as part of the team here at PEB FORUM that helps folks with questions, issues, or just sharing experiences. As a member with experience with National Guard issues, Guardguy11 brings an...
  5. Jason Perry

    BCMR/BCNR Reading Room is down [reopened 3 February 2020]

    It is a requirement that there is a "reading room" for BCMR/BCNR decisions. Via statute, the boards shall report the following: "(i) Each board established under this section shall make available to the public each calendar quarter, on an Internet website of the military department concerned...
  6. Jason Perry

    Memorial Day 2019 Message

    I ask you all to join me in reflecting on and remembering the sacrifices of those who gave all in defense of our Nation. Next week is the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy. So many sacrificed so much and I am grateful for those who stepped up and defended our...
  7. Jason Perry

    Happy Anniversary and Birthday to the PEBFORUM!!!

    I wanted to take a moment to note the anniversary and "birthday" of the PEB Forum!!! I am so happy and proud that we have been here for 12 years and have (as of this post) more than 83,000 members. Because we don't require registration to view the forums, you know that we have helped way more...
  8. Jason Perry

    Welcome to oddpedestrian as a new Moderator!

    I am pleased to welcome @oddpedestrian as a new moderator!! He has volunteered to help moderate the PEBFORUM and I hope you welcome his addition to the team! Oddpedestrian has been a long time member and he has offered a lot of good input to members posts. I appreciate his offer to serve as a...
  9. Jason Perry

    Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie - VA Court oral argument Read more about this resource...
  10. Jason Perry

    Recent upgrade to forum software (2 MAY 2019)

    Hello PEBFORUM members! This is just a quick note to advise that I just upgraded the forum software to the newest version available. The upgrade is mainly about bug fixes and I don't expect there should be any change to functionality or use of the site. However, if you encounter any problems...
  11. Jason Perry

    Military Pension Division: The “Evil Twins” – CRDP and CRSC

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: Military Pension Division: The “Evil Twins” – CRDP and CRSC - An article from the Army Lawyer (written by Col (ret.) MarK Sullivan and Maj. Susan Darnell.) Read more about this resource...
  12. Jason Perry

    Happy New Year 2019!

    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope 2019 brings you joy and happiness!
  13. Jason Perry

    Updates to the VASRD

    Please note that the VA has been updating the VASRD. Currently, the VA has updated the schedule for the following conditions with criteria that are not updated in this forum: Hemic and Lymphatic systems, Dental and oral conditions, Conditions related to the endocrine system, Gynecological...
  14. Jason Perry

    Welcome our newest moderator- RonG

    I am pleased to share that @RonG has volunteered to serve as a forum moderator here at the PEBFORUM! Ron is very knowledgeable about finance issues as he served as a Sergeant Major in the Army Finance Corps. He has already been very helpful regarding finance issues and he will be a fine...
  15. Jason Perry

    Merry Christmas!!!

    I wish all a very Merry Christmas. A special thanks to those who are away from friends and family as a result of their military service.
  16. Jason Perry

    More PEBFORUM technical updates!

    Hey PEBFORUM members! This morning, I installed an update to the forum software. There are a great many improvements, features, and security updates with this update. I will follow up over the next few days with further explanations. However, if you want to read more about the features in...
  17. Jason Perry

    New Moderators

    I am pleased to announce that @chaplaincharlie and @Warrior644 have volunteered as moderators of the PEBFORUM! Both members have been longtime contributors to this site and have been really helpful in responding to posts. Their experiences and posts have helped countless folks and I am glad to...
  18. Jason Perry

    Forum Software update

    I have updated the PEBFORUM with the newest version of the software. I hope the updates are helpful and that people enjoy the improvements! Here are several links describing the new features: Have You Seen Push Notifications Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support and more...
  19. Jason Perry

    Veterans Day 2018

    I hope everyone had a great Veterans Day!
  20. Jason Perry

    Updating the PEBFORUM site software

    I am going to attempt to update the forum software. There may be an intermittent outage of the site; if all goes well, this should only take a few minutes. If things go sideways, it may be a day or two.
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