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  1. tony292

    VA “Proposed ratings” Is that a thing?

    Proposed is just that... proposed. Technically, legally, the VA cannot rate you until you are out... until you become a Veteran.... then they don’t necessarily “rerate” you... they just kind of give your proposed ratings a look and make sure they didn’t miss anything obvious and then make it an...
  2. tony292

    20+ Yr AD AF findings

    I recommend not selling leave. Also retire the day before the last day of the month, this will make sure you get your VA compensation one month sooner.
  3. tony292

    Meb for one condition however multiple other serious conditions

    Initially, I was referred to the MEB for neurological conditions. At the time I also had a lot of psych issues. So I had to get my psych issues referred to the MEB. This was difficult. I had to be honest about munmental Health to my commander and have him do the commanders rate me to include why...
  4. tony292

    Meb for one condition however multiple other serious conditions

    The major issue I see is that in the past, and currently, the Condtions that are found unfitting, are only the conditions that were referred to the MEB initially. You could have ten disqualifying conditions... but the only ones that are counted are the ones referred to the MEB. So the rest are...
  5. tony292

    Sites to recommend and not recommend

    I used to always refer the many questions I get to the Site. It used to be very simple and informative and easy to research, but now they want you to sign up and pay for a membership. So now I’ll refer people to the VASRD VA site instead...
  6. tony292

    Meb for one condition however multiple other serious conditions

    Get with your peblo immediately to make the psych conditions added as referred condition. Also make sure that your psych issues are well documented in med records
  7. tony292

    IMR Rebuttal

    Your lawyer should have some sort of template or example. People don’t usually just write these on their own.
  8. tony292

    VA rating based on C and P exam

    70% based on the occupational and social impairment statement.
  9. tony292

    AFROTC, Prior Service, DD214 RE code 1, Medical red flags

    What is your VA disability rating and what is it for?
  10. tony292

    Need to be found fit at FPEB

    Yes send me a private message.
  11. tony292

    Need to be found fit at FPEB

    I meant lawyer.... autocorrect...
  12. tony292

    Need to be found fit at FPEB

    You need to talk to a lawmaker ASAP. RTD is difficult to attain, even at 18.5 years.
  13. tony292

    Status of Security Clearance while undergoing MEB?

    What Charlie said is true, Shizophrenia would likely cause the Govt to remove access. For other mental health conditions it’s not so clear. I was granted a secret clearance although I had a diagnosis of MDD and anxiety order NOS at the time. The key is being honest about it, there was a question...
  14. tony292

    Status of Security Clearance while undergoing MEB?

    To my knowledge the MEB/PEB has nothing to do with clearances. I was active duty and at the PEB stage and my clearance had expired (10 year secret). I got an email that I had to renew it. I told them it was a waste of taxpayer money as I would be out before it was finalized. I was told unless I...
  15. tony292

    COAD.. HELP..what are the chances of approval

    Nothing is guaranteed, hell not even 18 year sanctuary can protect you from being medically separated at 19.5 years!!! What information is this person citing? Do they have real info or just a barracks lawyer spouting off their baseless opinion?
  16. tony292

    Looking for advice on medical retirement

    Just so you know, sanctuary does NOT apply to MEB/PEB cases. You’ll want to avoid the surgery and recovery until you have 19 years in, because you can stretch out the PEB with appeals and make it to 20.
  17. tony292

    Info on VARR

    What you’ll want to do is to get copies of the CP exams and fomore them to the VASRD. this is my example, a VARR for Mental health that worked. I was increased from 50% to 70%.
  18. tony292

    Options to get good 20 years

    You can easily stretch a MEB out for a year. There are at least 6 levels of appeal, appeal at all 6. IMR MEB rebuttal PEB IPEB/FPEB VARR Disability agency appeal. also at each of these levels you’ll get 10 days to sign documents that will take you to the next stage.... taking all ten days...
  19. tony292

    Options to get good 20 years

    I think what you’re asking is if someone Guard/Reserve can get a combination of traditional and full time years. The short answer is yes. my wife for example has 7 years AGR and 5 traditional for a total of 12 combined. As I understand it, she can keep on the AGR path and retire full time in...
  20. tony292

    Options to get good 20 years

    19.5 years doesn’t count as 20. You’ll want to ask these questions from guard and reserve veterans. she will best benefit from getting her 20 year letter and then collecting CRDP at age 60. She can get a CH 61 retirement now, if she has the appropriate LODs.
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